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  • LDBeckner By  LDBeckner    

    i LOVE old navy flip flops, especially when the 2 for 1 sale is going on. i ONLY buy the black ones bc im just not a colorful person, but they last so long and i live in my flip flops all summer long AND i wear mine in the winter as well.

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  • fmd518 By  fmd518    

    Just Okay

    For the price there great but you get what you pay for . I wouldnt use them for long walks.

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  • oliviaagaskin By  oliviaagaskin    

    good with some flaws

    Good quality for the price! It's comfortable to wear to the beach, and to slip on and off. However, the logo rubs off very quickly and it may cause blisters when you wear them a long time

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  • kgummybear By  kgummybear    

    Would recommend to anyone looking for flip flops

    I love the value on these. They aren't the most high end flip flop but they are comfortable for what they are. I usually get there for a dollar when they are on sale. I think they are the perfect inexpensive footwear for a quick trip to the boardwalk.

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  • amsweeney By  amsweeney    

    I buy these every year.

    Cheap yet amazing! I always buy these and wear them all summer long. Yes they don't give good support but I think they're amazing to run out in and do my errands.

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  • ACremer39 By  ACremer39    

    Cheap simple durable. Great to have in all colors to match every outfit!

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  • Lyndsey_frost By  Lyndsey_frost    

    Cheap but good

    This flip flops are my favorite. They are cheap but if you wear them often the start to form to your foot and become extremely comfortable

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  • gillumj1 By  gillumj1    

    Great Cheap Flip Flop

    Love because of colors, they last, and are actually pretty comfortable! I do not know about wearing them if you are going to walk 5+ miles, but for normal walking they are great!

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  • DoctorPepper By  DoctorPepper    

    Cute Flip Flops

    These are the best regular flip flops. I have 3 pairs of them. They're cheap, cute and comfortable. They don't break easily apart like other cheaper brands. They are very popular, and have been for years because of old navy. I have been wearing them for years.

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  • Guerrera20 By  Guerrera20    

    I like this because they are awesome! Love the colors too

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  • wiedners By  wiedners    

    I like this product. They are good when your getting out of the pool or just around the house. But if your walking for a long period of time they are not comfortable.

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  • Paige1587 By  Paige1587    


    I always try to pick up a few pairs of Old Navy flip flops when they are on sale. I have pairs that I have owned for years now and they are still in good shape. I like that there are lots of colors to choice from and how simple the flip flops are.

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  • Mikhthr74 By  Mikhthr74    

    I usually get these around vacation time. because of the big color selection, to match my outfits and bathing suits. They aren't the most comfortable flip flops, so I don't wear them with my everyday attire.

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  • tashaprather15 By  tashaprather15    

    I love old navy flip flops they actually last, and they are good priced!

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  • Pixiecasey By  Pixiecasey    

    The rubber hurts in between my toes. I might just have sensitive skin...

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