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  • LiL_Michelle By  LiL_Michelle    

    Great, but long for short people!

    These are great pajama pants. They last a very long time too! The only thing i hate about them is that they are a little bit too long for me. That is because I am a Shorty. I am 4'11 and I buy the XS(extra small) and they are still a little long. They will be dragging on the floor. I wear these slipper boots that are an inch off the floor so they won't be dragging.

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  • MissEvelyn By  MissEvelyn    

    i have always been a flannel type of girl!! Love the color as well !

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  • AsiaDiva By  AsiaDiva    

    I luv these flannel PJ's. I luv these because they are from Old Navy their prices and thr colors of my PJ's. They are very comfortable.

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  • firegal50 By  firegal50    

    i love this i wear pjs around my place when im home very comfy

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  • Cbruce By  Cbruce    

    My only complaint with the Old Navy flannel Pajamas are that they shrink in the wash. I loved them until they became to short for me! Very comfy though!!

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  • raynaebrennan By  raynaebrennan    

    Love me some flannel pants. I wear them from the time I get home from work to bed. Sometimes on the weekend I leave them on all day and then shower and put on a clean pair. Love them.

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  • Kerr61 By  Kerr61    

    Bought myself and my daughter a couple of pairs at Christmas. Nice and comfy as well as warm and soft.

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  • ladyduckwest By  ladyduckwest    

    Anytime one person can relax to take the edge off is a good thing, these will help you do that. Comfortable, breathable, and budgetable!

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  • mzprice2 By  mzprice2    

    Very comfy. I simply love these to lounge around the house.

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  • mlanzillo By  mlanzillo    

    Love these PJ's!!! got a few pair for Christmas. They are so comfortable yet afordable and look adorable on

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  • Lally4Lyfe By  Lally4Lyfe    

    OOOH how comfortable are these! Perfect for staying in and lounging around the house in the winter. They always come in cute patterns as well. How could you go wrong!

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  • meditationmama By  meditationmama    

    Yes, I have been caught out in these.

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  • maia616 By  maia616    

    Now that it's starting to get cold, it's time to break out my flannel jammies from Old Navy!! I bought a whole bunch last year and I love them! It gets cold in my room so I wear these to sleep and they keep me nice and warm. So comfy too!

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  • Liliana6 By  Liliana6    

    They are very comfortable and they feel very good for the winter, it keeps you warm and comfortable at the same time.

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  • Destinystyle2317 By  Destinystyle2317    

    pajams love them

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