Old Bay Seasoning

Old Bay Seasoning

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Great seasoning for seafood. My favorite thing is to use it on my peel and eat shrimp!

Old Bay is awesome! I can't think of a better seasoning to put on my Seafood.

Every Pantry needs this This is one of my favorite spices. Its great because it is a combo of common spices making the meat, (best with chicken and seafood), sing.

I always sprinkle a little in my tuna and on my salmon and it goes great with it. It is perfect with seafood.

I put it in my boiled peanuts, sprinkle it on fries and of course put it in my flour when frying meat sometimes.

Good To Have I have used Old Bay for many many years. My husband loves using it for the crab/shrimp boils we host and also crawfish boils. I haven't been able to enjoy it as much over the recent year because it's become to spicy for me. I would love to see the same great taste in a milder form. If they already sell it I haven't been able to find it. Other than that it's a really great addition to any pantry.

Spice collection isn't complete unless I have it. Use it on fish, chicken , rice dishes too!

Hello! Perfect for my crab legs!!! A must have in my pantry.

My fav for my seafood creations

i love this spice. i've used this brand for years now and the taste never gets old. i use it in a lot of seafood dishes. it truly brings out the flavor. wonderful product

The best! We use this all the time!!!!!!!

Love Old Bay when used lightly on shrimp, grilled or baked chicken, & sometimes pork and salmon.

I love to make paella with it.

This is a classic must-have for all kitchen. A go-to for any simple seafood seasoning. Great for shrimp boil. YUM!

Growing up in Maryland this was a staple in our house. Throw some on crabs, shrimp and pretty much any seafood. I did not like seafood and every time I would smell Old Bay it would remind me of seafood. It wasn't until I got older and tried Old Bay Chips and Old Bay wings that I came to appreciate the flavor! Now I crave Homemade Old Bay chips!