Olay Total Effects Cream Cleanser

Olay Total Effects Cream Cleanser

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Olay feels moisturizing on the skin and cleansed.

I like the same version of this cleanser BUT for acne. its the same thing with salicylic acid in it. I like how it leaves my face nice and soft but not greasy or oily. It also smells nice. Will be re-purchasing.

You just can't get any better than olay for over the counter cleansers, priced competitively with other brands . Leaves skin clean, moiturinzed and soft. Nice scent too, buy it often, along with other Olay products

I love Oil of Olay Total Effects Cream Cleanser. I get acne breakouts occasionally, but do my best to control how often by washing my face regularly and taking care of my skin. I've been trying for years to find a cleanser that isn't too harsh or drying, but is also effective at cleaning my pores and keeping my skin smooth. This cleanser has earned a top spot on my shelf. It has a rich, silky lather but also exfoliates gently. I've noticed my skin feeling softer and appearing clearer after just using it for a few weeks. I highly recommend this product!

I have recently stopped taking the pill and have started breaking out all the time. I was using a foaming cleanser and a harsh acne cream, but have switched to the Total Effects with Blemish Control. After just a week, I have noticed a major difference. My breakouts have stopped and the old ones are quickly fading. Others have complimented on how my skin has a new glow to it.

One of my favorite products made by Oil of Olay is their Total Effects Cream Cleanser. It comes in a squeezable tube, with 5.0 fluid ounces of cream inside. The packaging in itself is quite convenient for me because I choose to keep it closed tightly standing upright in my shower. I use the cream cleanser twice a day - morning and night. I started using the cream about six months ago when my skin began creaking out more than it normally would. So thus far, I am very happy with the effects!. The specific Total Effects product that I have been using is the Cream Cleanser plus Blemish Control. The cream has seven anti-aging benefits with one specific ingredient, salicylic acid, which is mainly used to keep skin free of blemishes and breakouts. To date, by using the cream twice a day I have seen very positive results. Not only have the blemishes been controlled but my skin has a youthful glow to it as well. When washing my face, I only have to use a nickel sized portion of the cream (in my opinion this is great because one bottle will last me for about 4-6 weeks). The cream does not produce a lather, it feels more like a lotion; which I have to admit does an excellent job of cleaning my skin. Another positive aspect of Total Effects Cleansing Cream is that it does not dry my skin out. If any of you are familiar, the other products used for blemishes, such as Oxy and Proactive can be harsh on the skin causing irritation, redness, and more breakouts, in turn making the skin look worse. Total Effects does not do this at all! The percentage of salicylic acid, only 2%, is mild enough that it actually works without any of these side effects. Otherwise than being the perfect cleanser for my type of blemish prone skin, the cost of the cleanser can sometimes be a hinderence. Of all the other cleansing products made by Oil of Olay, it is one of the lower priced options. I can typically get a tube for under $10 which is a steal in my opinion! Compared to all of the other cleansers manufactured by other brands claiming to have the same effect - I would much rather continue on spening my money on Oil of Olay Total Effects Cream Cleanser.