Olay Regenerist Skincare Starter Trio

Olay Regenerist Skincare Starter Trio

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Love Just pure luxurious and youthful exuberance with use. This is so perfect for all skin care needs! The packaging is lovely and so is the container! It's easy to use and you get real results! Highly recommend to anyone looking for glowing skin!

Love it! I've been using Olay Regenerist for years! It keeps my skin healthy and hydrated! The best ever serum!

Great product trio, love them all. I love this product! I actually bought it for my mother as a gift and then tried one by one product and liked all of them, ended up buying same product for myself. The only thing is that the cleanser is sometimes a bit rich for my skin.

I love Olay products and their Olay regenerist product for anti aging is really good. I also use their serum and it made my skin looks really good. I gave this set to my mom and she was so happy to get this cos it was also her favorite brand. It really works on mature skin.

I love Oil Of OLay ! I remember my mother using it when I was a young girl. When I was old enough to start using their products my first was their amazing body wash!! Now as a woman off 33 Oil of Olay is the only brand of beauty products that I use. Their products are affordable and they really work very well. The face wash leaves your skin feeling soft, not dry and tight like a lot of other products out there. The face cream didn't leave a filmy, greasy residue on my face like some other creams I have tried. Before I started using the face cream at night I had a lot of little fine lines...which are the enemy to us 30 some things and to all women really! LOL!! I noticed them starting to diminish after just a few uses!

Amazing!!!! Highly recommended!

I have been a long time fan of Olay products and was happy to try the trio pack. I thought that the cleanser was very high quality and left my skin feeling clean and soft at the same time. I'm always concerned about stripping the oils away and being left with dry skin, but it did not have that effect. The moisturizer did not leave a greasy feeling, like I've experienced in the past, and I could definitely see a difference with my "crow's feet" when I used the eye serum. I even had my husband use a little of it and it worked well on his, too!

I love Olay products. I tried tri pack from Olay and it is a great. The Moisturizer is good and the cleanser does not make skin dry. and the eye serum is sooo good. Love it. Perfect for any skin types.

This is my current skin regime. The night creme is very rich but not oily. I like that the day creme has SPF 15 -- really important these days. Even though its supposed to exfoliate I could do without the gritty feeling, though. The eye creme is nice to apply, makes the skin around my eyes nice and soft yet again it's not oily.

This is a great started kit. The cleanser made my skin feel clean and was easy to use. The moisturizer was great, it made my face feel soft but not greasy. I don't really get why the bottle/pump is shaped the way it is, but it works just fine. They eye serum feels great under my eyes. I've only been using these products for about a week so I can't say if I have noticed a visible difference, but they have good texture, no strong odor, and feel well on my face. I would most likely buy these items again.

AWESOME kit! I love the product and it doesnt leave a residue on your skin. I will definitely buy this product. I am very picky with products on my skin, but this was clean and moisturized

I love this product and will use it always! I love how soft and radiant it makes my skin look and think everyone should try it.

This whole kit is amazing. I love the gentle exfoliating beads in the fash wash. It leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth - no irritation - I can use it every day. The lotion is light and not greasy on my face. The eye cream works nice as well. I have only been using it for a couple of weeks so full results are not in but so far i really like it!

This is a lovely gift set that gives you the ability to try out some of Olay's best products at a discount. The standout in this set has to be the Regenerist cleanser which surprisingly has a built in gentle scrub that does a great job of exfoliating. Because of this I use this every other day as my skin is sensitive but the creamy texture is great and I've seen an improvement in my skin. Also the eye serum is very silky and moisturizing for the day time and help under eye concealers to glide on.

I really like all the three products in the set. The face cream is nice, the cleanser is really great especially for cleaning after these hot days. and the ey cream is nice and light yet goes on smooth. I'd buy this again for sure. love the ease of getting the prouduct out of the bottle and tube.