Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream

Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream

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Overworked Tired Mom Approved! I had a baby 6 months ago who still doesn't sleep through the night. I use this and an organic face wash every night. I have gotten more compliments on my skin after starting this product even though my skin is definitely not getting rest and re-hydrated like it's supposed to during the day or night. I would suggest this for any working over tired mom. My skin feels great.

Test out first wanted to love it but it gave me horrible itch allergic reaction rash and the sensitivity lasted for weeks. Have never had this happen with any product before. I have to say that it didnt seem to absorb well either.

I have seen improvement and I highly recommend it

This cream is very moisturizing. It really helps my skin in the winter when it is very dry. It goes on smoothly and blends very fast into my skin. It doesn't bother my sensitive skin and it doesn't clog my pores. It just makes my skin feel very soft.

I really love this product and use it daily.

The first night I tried this, I had a huge allergic reaction to this product. I woke up with hives and itched like crazy. My face went bright red and looked burned. I couldn't stop itching, I had to call the company about it because I was so upset. I haven't had a product do that to me before. I was on allergy medication for a few days for it, but had to deal with hives and reddened face for days. The company did reimburse me, but I was so bitter about it I have yet to buy any of their products.

I totally recommend this product. It actually didn't give me any redness or allergic reaction at all! I went to Sephora to test out the creams they had for even the most sensitive skin, and I got red blotches within minutes of applying the cream. I tried several creams there and left empty handed. I am so thankful for this Night Recovery Cream and the Regerist Cream as well. Both are weightless and leave your skin feeling soooo freaking silky its unbelievable! I love it!

I developed a serious skin rash after using this product. I had to take benedryl for three days. My doctor said it was an allergic reaction. I would suggest trying it on a small area (inside wrist perhaps) before trying it on your face if you have sensitive skin. Seems to be great for alot of women, but unfortunately I am not one of them. I wrote the company and they sent me coupons for the same product. I gave them to my Aunt.

Works excellent!