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  • CamNhungDinh By  CamNhungDinh    

    Excellent Product

    I try one and to be honest, it awesome. Great product from Olay brand. Excellent moisturizer for my skin. I try use Olay discount from here and it help me a lot https://couponforless.com/store/olay.com

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  • Sweetangel By  Sweetangel    

    great product

    i will love to test this one out never used it before

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  • blackbettie37 By  blackbettie37    

    Great results

    This stuff works wonders, my face had some sunspots and when I used these I faded so much they are barely noticeable.

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  • mebnme By  mebnme    

    Love oil of olay.. this is a much less expensive product than others in its category but has same ,moisturizing tightening skin smoothing results

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  • Beverlyjade By  Beverlyjade    

    Healthy skin

    I enjoy using this combination. I use this twice a week when I see my face looking dull and needs to be freshened up. This is very easy to do. This leaves my skin soft and bright and it makes my pores look smaller.

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  • Scarlett007 By  Scarlett007    

    Results every time*!*

    I used this product a few years back, by now, but remember it well. I was very pleased with the results. All the ingredients are in the box and it is a complete system. It gave me fresh new skin, each time I used it, not more than a couple times a month*!*

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  • BethNZach By  BethNZach    

    Excellent system for combatting enlarged pores

    About a year ago, I was introduced to this product by an extremely helpful clerk at Ulta, when I asked her to help me find something to improve the enlarged pore issues I was having at the time. Like most of us who are past 30-35, we all abused our skin by baking in the sun during the first qtr of our lives, and now that Im into the 2nd qtr Im a little disgusted in myself for not heeding the warnings over the last 5 years about the effects and damage to our skin caused by the sun. So because of my stubbornness and quest to have a 'healthy' glow five months out of the year, I also laid in the tanning beds with 1000 watt bulbs of hell surrounding me only inches away from my face scorching away my youth each time I laid in one of those bright coffins. And now sadly, my NEW quest is to erase the real damage Ive done, because I was left with pock marks & BIG pores that resembled the craters on the moon - and THIS microderm set has made a phenomenal difference in the overall appearance of my skin, the redness is a thing of the past, and my pores are now nonexistent again, and the few that remain visible still are much more easily masked w/the right primer & HD powder. Before I used this system, I had tried every grainy crunchy gravel filled scrub and/or mask I could find & none of them had an end result that compares to this. With consistent weekly use Ive shaved off at least 5 years from the look of my skin, & got the natural glow back that was buried underneath the dead fried layer on top. If you have ANY issues or flaws that need something drastic w/out a procedure, this product will most likely be your best bet to correct them. If it doesnt? Then you may have to consider the knife, because there really is nothing it cant correct or erase, in my experience. Best of all its only $25-$30 so its an inexpensive gift to give yourself, and the end result of recapturing just a bit of that lost youth is the best gift of all..

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  • bkkperjm By  bkkperjm    

    Always love Olay products great moisturizer , have used used their products since high school and have been very satisfied with youthful appearance

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  • jACOBWild By  jACOBWild    

    Olay is not bad. You want soft skin than get Olay. Great moisturizer. Personally I am looking for a skin tightener. I could careless if my face feels like a baby's ass.

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  • RobynsWorld By  RobynsWorld    

    Just started using this and I am impressed! My skin instantly felt so much better! Also noticing the areas on my face that have darkened a bit over time are getting lighter. Great product!

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  • Jinny-Joanna By  Jinny-Joanna    

    great product

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  • ECFWalker By  ECFWalker    

    I dont like this product I feel as if it causes more wrinkles and causes my eyes to puff up and makes them water.

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  • ShayDenZayne By  ShayDenZayne    

    OMG I love this product! It's actually sitting on my bathroom counter right now...it works great and makes my skin feel so smooth. Olay is my number one go to skincare products. Just love it.

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  • AnnaAnn By  AnnaAnn    

    Using this since I was in high school! Me, my mother, my aunt, grandmother and mother in law are using this one!

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  • smusick By  smusick    

    Great product! I can tell a huge difference when I go awhile without using it.

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