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  • shannon726 By  shannon726    

    Loved it! Works great and is one of my favorites....

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  • ars1981 By  ars1981    

    I'm an Olay girl I've used for years this thermal mini is my favorite totally worth the price love it

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  • asiulkas By  asiulkas    

    Works pretty well

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  • Sbbroadway By  Sbbroadway    

    I love this. You can feel the micro bead and the warm sensation. It make your skin feel really clean.

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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    Highly recommended.

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  • Hendrika By  Hendrika    

    I just love this peel. It is very gently on your skin but it really makes your skin feel clean. I love the warm feeling when you put it on and the beads in it are not harsh on your skin. My skin doesn't feel tight and dry afterwards but really soft and clean. Ready to put on your moisturizer.

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  • simbalala By  simbalala    

    Love it. Works great. The micro beads in scrub really massage the face and the warming sensation in it feels good and cleans. This a great product to use everyday and get ready for summer.

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  • cgreviews By  cgreviews    

    Works pretty well, very gentle and feels great for sensitive skin!

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  • seminoleswty By  seminoleswty    

    I love this stuff! You put it on with a wet wash cloth or your fingertips and massage it around your face , it has micro beads to scrub your face and then surprise! It starts to feel warm on your face not hot just a soothing warming cleaning feeling. After you rinse your face feels fresher cleaner and softer. I use it every night before bedtime my face feels and looks so much better since starting to use this.

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