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  • Fountains777 By  Fountains777    

    Loved it!

    I am always looking for the best skincare products. I decided to try this one from Olay, as I am going to be 30 soon and I'm looking to keep my skin youthful. I absolutely loved it. I have a combination of oily skin. Sometimes it does dry up, sometimes its oily. This product feels amazing and makes my skin look great.

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  • kcoleman2104 By  kcoleman2104    

    Give It A Try !

    The mask is amazing although it may feel a little heavy the first couple of times you use it, you?ll definitely see the results. It works best on a freshly washed face with completely dries skin.

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  • Dripqueen By  Dripqueen    

    I love olay .. Im just not a big fan of there skincare . it way to pricey for little results.

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  • Pinkprincess717 By  Pinkprincess717    

    Marvelous Mask

    I love the Olay Overnight Gel Mask with Vitamin C! I am so impressed with how amazing my skin looked after using the mask! My complexion looked smoother and softer! It hydrates and moisturizes the skin! It doesn't feel oily or have a greasy residue! Also, I noticed my skin was more firm and tone!

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