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  • SweetPea83 By  SweetPea83    

    I like some of the products that Olay has to offer. I still have this and I've had it for a while. I'd say it's not too bad.

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  • ars1981 By  ars1981    

    Best toner I ever used I will always been a die-hard Olay users

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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    Love how clean my face feels after it.

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  • Nicky401 By  Nicky401    

    It's alright as a toner, however it left my skin dry and tight, and smells like alcohol, plus it stings when you apply it to open pores (the pimple you've been messing with and trying to get rid of) or around the nose area (nostrils).

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  • iriechic1 By  iriechic1    

    I thought this product was o.k. I prefer Olay's face washes though. It worked o.k. as a toner, idd it's job, but I didn't notice anything spectacular about it.

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  • pertylady83 By  pertylady83    

    I'm a diehard Olay fan, so I wanted to add this to my daily summer skin care regimen. I love it! Simple as that. I enjoy the scent, and how it makes my skin feel! Great product!

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  • maddy1999 By  maddy1999    

    Absolutely love

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  • magnag By  magnag    

    I usually use Clean and clear's product, but I gave this a try. I wasn't too impressed. It didn't feel like it worked compared to Clean and Clear. It was nice, but not great. I wouldnt buy again.

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  • ktbweg By  ktbweg    

    was not crazy about this one - too strong of an after scent

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  • Daisybug By  Daisybug    

    LOVE! I use it after age defying cleanser and before night cream (or day cream with spf). My skin loves it and it looks so much more healthy.

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  • tinybeat By  tinybeat    

    I have been using this product for about 10 years. As someone who deals with oily skin, this has been the only product I've tried that leaves your skin feeling clean and as it was previously named, refreshed. It works especially well in the summer when my face feels the most "greasiest." I use this product as my daily routine, but less so during the winters when my face doesn't feel as oily. I start out by washing my face with a cleanser (I use Noxema's original face wash), pat dry and fan, pour enough of this toner onto a large cotton ball to cover and apply over face and neck, fan dry and apply a facial lotion (I like Olay's Complete All Day Moisture lotion for oily skin). With this, my face feels clear, clean, and soft.

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