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  • Charlisha222 By  Charlisha222    

    These are great to use everyday, and remove my stubborn eye makeup with ease. I would recommend.

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  • AishaWaseem By  AishaWaseem    

    i love them to use daily

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  • Downgirl561 By  Downgirl561    

    Love to use theses after the gym after a sweaty workout to clean my face till I get home to take a shower..

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  • mslejean By  mslejean    

    Yes, but not as good as the ones with soap. The smell is a bit off. But I would use them before another brand. Olay works well with my skin.

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  • lmb243 By  lmb243    

    These are just wonderful! I stock up when they go on sale at Amazon! I usually get pretty lazy when it gets late at night and these do a great job at removing the day's makeup and grime! One cloth is plenty for me, but I generally wear a mid-coverage foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow, non-waterproof mascara, and some bronzer. These keep me from breaking out (although I do apply a oil-free moisturizer after using one of these (sometimes!). These are are great to have when I am nagged by that constant reminder I once heard about makeup "if you have time to put it on, you have time to take it off"...alright, alright, but this is the fastest way some nights! :)

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  • kly1490 By  kly1490    

    Your face doesn't feel quite as fresh as when you use a face wash; however, there are definite benefits. These are so easy and convenient. I use these when I just don't feel like washing my face.

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  • NFritze By  NFritze    

    I love the convenience of these and the white tea is my favorite one. This issue I have is I don't use them everyday so when I do go to use them they are completely dried out. It's the third time I have bought them and the third time this has happened. They need to do something about the closure to keep them moist for longer.

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  • MarieZ47 By  MarieZ47    

    I like these wet cloths but don't use them everyday. I did take them on a family camping trip where there were no facilities and they came in pretty handy. My husband especially liked them and now doesn't go camping without them.

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  • nicoler22 By  nicoler22    

    I don't love the smell of these

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  • babybroome By  babybroome    

    I use these on night when i`m too tired tired to do the whole cleansing routine, but won`t go to sleep with makeup on. They do remove all traces of makeup even mascara.

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  • KMaureen By  KMaureen    

    I wouldn't use it every day, but this product is perfect for travelling!

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  • Leisha By  Leisha    

    I tried them when I was traveling by air when I traveled to Europe. I love the OLAY brand in other products but was not crazy about these. They did come in handy on the plane for freshening up before landing but I did not feel like my face was very clean. They were handy and better than nothing and I recommend them for traveling for sure. Seems like a waste of money just to use every day at home. My teenage dts like them but I only use when traveling long distance by air. Might be good if you go camping.

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  • mimizcorrea By  mimizcorrea    

    not the best i have used but i do like them.

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  • MsSmallTownBeauty By  MsSmallTownBeauty    

    I used these for years and I really did like them, but then I tried the Sephora brand cloths and found they were a lot softer and thicker and although you pay a little more money for a little less product, I prefer the Sephora brand over the Olay. But, I still did really like these when I used them!

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  • LT6609 By  LT6609    

    I recieved these as a Christmas gift and was dissapointed. They did not remove my eye make-up. I do not wear a great deal or make-up or wear waterproof make-up, I would have expected this product to do the job and remove eveything on my face.

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