Off  Clip-on Mosquito Repellent

Off Clip-on Mosquito Repellent

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It has been confirmed with SC Johnson that this product is intended for use when you are sitting still. I used it for a hike and did not catch much of a result, however if you plan on sitting still (around a campfire, on the deck, etc.) this product may be quite useful as a repellent.

during the long hours at marching band camp it can be tough to remember to apply and reapply sticky oily sprays. i wanted to try this but i was afraid that if i clipped it on to my shorts it might be too heavy and pull them down. are any joggers okay with using this? i wear jogging shorts to camp. :D

does this really work like they say it does ,would like to try it for my self to see

I, too, am a mosquito magnet. I hate having the stinky sprays that attract every speck of dust and debris. A product like this has to be worth at least trying.

I'm a mosquito magnet so are my girls. This did not work too well for us. It is better than nothing but we still were bit.

This works so well! I can garden in the evening when it is a tiny bit cooler out without getting bit. The spray from the fan is so fine you aren't aware of it; it's not sticky, there is no odor. If I'm just sitting on the patio in the evening with my husband I just set it on the table between us and it keeps us both bite-free.

I have 3 of these! i keep one clipped to my bike, 1 on stroller & one in the car. They work great!

My husband and I love to take evening walks, and in humid Houston, TX the mosquitos can get really big and bad. Since I am more of a magnet than he is he bought me the Off! Clip-On and we are able to enjoy longer walks free from mosquitos.

I got a great deal on these at Wags with coupons and RR they came out free so decided to try. They work great! I am a mesquito magnet! And I just hate using sprays and lotions because then I feel the need to wash it off before I sit on the funiture or change clothes if I am going out somewhere. With the ClipOn I can clip it on my pocket or set it on the table next to me outside and it really does work! My mother-in-law is also a mesquito magnet and she loves it too! She is always wearing hers when she is gardening or just sitting outside. I worried about the noise but the fan is so quiet you do not even hear it but you can feel the 'breeze' so you know it is on.

Thanks for the review. We've been looking for a solution to these mosquitos! This is really helpful. With all the rain and humidity it seems this summer is worse than usual with these pesky insects!

Love these! We used them over the weekend!

I tried this and didn't get good results. The mosquitoes and no-see-ums are so BAD right now due to all the rain. Even the dogs can't stand going outside. I bought two to clip onto their collars - didn't seem to work. Mosquitoes are after carbon dioxide - may be the disk couldn't keep up with their panting??? As for the disk attached to me, I swatted at a few less, but not enough for me to purchase again. Plant marigolds and/or catnip - bugs hate the smell and won't come near.

Wonderful ! It keeps all kinds of bugs away from you. We could not enjoy our backyard. This we can with out have to have our skin oily and smelly.