Ocean Blue Omega-3 minicapsules

Ocean Blue Omega-3 minicapsules

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They're great If you're looking to have great skin from a very safe product. I recommend this one. Easy to swallow pills and no raw smell! !

Since I've discovered Ocean Blue, I've been telling all of my friends about this brand! Two friends were taking krill oil to bring down their triglycerides until I explained that Ocean Blue has three times as much omega-3. Now they have happily made the switch. (It helped when I told them Ocean Blue is very affordable.) I've started taking it for my hair and nails, and I've got my husband taking it for heart health. We both love the fact that Ocean Blue smells and tastes like vanilla!

A lot of fish oil supplements out there have that gross fishy smell and taste, but I love these Ocean Blue supplements because they have a gentle vanilla smell. No nasty taste or burps! I also found that they have one of the highest concentrations fo DHA & EPA, which is what you want! It also has more than 3 times the omega-3 than krill oil. I've been taking them for a few months, and have noticed a beautiful difference in my skin and nails. Even my husband doesn't mind taking them.