Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics   Lip Tar

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar

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OCC's Lip Tar feels amazing on the lips. They have a wide range of colors available and you do not require a lot of the product itself to apply it on your lips. The price is reasonable considering how long lasting the formula is as well as how little of the product you need to use for full coverage. This product would be the most beneficial to those who have a steady hand with a lip brush and are comfortable with applying lipstick this way.

OCC Lip Tar/Matte Super pigmented, easy to apply, and does not dry out the lips. Minus 1 star because the darker shade do stain your skin.

There are amazing colors and i love the red one more. Its super pigmented and not sticky at all. I love this product. I think its a great product for every girls.

The lip tar has great staying power but, is for sure not for the girl on the go. This product requires some prep work on your lips and varful application with a lip brush. These a best reserved for a special occassion or when you have time to really put on your face.

This product has amazing amazing pigmentation! a little tiny pin needle is all you need for an full opaque look, even lesh for a more sheer and a blush of color only. It last thru eating, drinking for a few hours.. they are higher end products but if you are into makeup fully you will appreciate their performance, and also that even tho they are on the higher $$, they would last you a very long time. Loving mine!

OMG what can I say about this lip tarts just love them they are very pigmented long lasting a Lil goes a long way bug they are on an expensive side but very worth it

OMG what can I say about this lip tarts just love them they are very pigmented long lasting a Lil goes a long way bug they are on an expensive side but very worth it

I really love OCC's Lip Tars, but the formulas can be hit or miss. Vintage is my absolute favorite, and I wear it regularly. I recently picked up Black Dahlia, and it's patchy and difficult to work with. I find that with most colors, the pigmentation is amazing. They can be sheered out a bit, or built up to full opacity. They do require a bit of time to apply, and the key to them is to use a TINY amount. Lip Tars can be a bit drying, so I always try to wear a moisturizing balm over them. Overall a great product, especially if you love vibrant lips!

These products are so amazing. Not only do they offer 50 colours and in products ranging from sheer to bright. The best about them is how little it takes to cover your lips. One pea sized drop is all you need. That is what really makes the product worth $18 a tube. They last forever. They are all natural and vegan, smell like mint, and do not dry on your lips. I have yet to find a better lip tar.

I love OCC's Lip Tars because of their versatility and color selection. These products can be used as full on lipsticks, color correctors, or can be mixed to create your own custom shade. A must-have for makeup artists, these are a staple in my kit. They're similar to MAC's Lipmix which I love as well, but with a greater color selection. Just as a word of caution, be careful when applying/mixing colors! These WILL stain.

stay on forever... hard to apply

I adore these lip tars! They are so buildable and pigmented. A little goes a long way, but I do wish they lasted longer. All in all a great product.

the colors are amazing on they go on well but the only thing i do not like is that after sitting for a while they oils separate from the color and it looks nasty :(

I was looking for another lip product with great staying power and I came along to OCC's Lip Tar. I think it's fabulous that each Tar comes with a little lip brush; packaging is something I think that says a lot about a company. And man does it stay on. I normally only have to reapply once maybe twice a day, and my day is from 7-5. You only need to apply a very small about on the brush for your whole lip. I would recommend putting on some Chapstick on first so your lips don't dry out.