OXO Salad Spinner

OXO Salad Spinner

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I prefer the stainless steel version It?s ok but the plastic bowl scratches easily while washing with the sponge. I substituted with a stainless steel version that I like much better

Cook's Friend! OXO you have a winner with this Salad Spinner. I grew lots of fresh butter lettuce this spring and I have been picked it for so many days. It is so easy to get dirt off all the leaves with this salad spinner. I know that I am feeding excellent produce in my household with this product. A must for all cooks!

It's a pretty basic salad spinner. Works well but any other one would probably work just as well

Awesome! Love love love my salad spinner. I grow my own lettuce, so I need to wash it really well before using. I love that I can spin off all the water before storing it in the fridge, which makes it keep up to two weeks. This is a must-have item in my kitchen.

Absolutely love this! Removes all the water leaving nice crisp lettuce.

In my opinion a salad spinner is a must have, and the OXO brand is very sturdy. I use mine every day I like that it is made of thick plastic and has a grip ring on the bottom of the bowl so it does not move around a lot.

We eat salads on daily basis. This products helped keep the lettuce dry and crunchy.

Great salad spinner, very reliable.

Great spinner!

I really like my salad spinner. I love how it washes the lettus real good. And it seems to be dryer than using a towl. I would recommend this to anyone who eat salads on a regular basis.

Such a great product! My kids are the ones that usually spin the salad because this makes it fun. It's easy for them to push the spinner down and I love that I can stop it if they get a little over excited. It's easy to rinse out and then it's ready for next time. I also love to use the clear bowl at parties.

I cannot live in the summer without this. We grow our own lettuce and a lot of our own veggies. It is so simple to go out to our garden with the mesh insert and rinse with the garden house. Come inside, cut up some of the veggies and retoss. Spin to get the water out and you have a salad!

Wonderful for not only lettuce and spinach, but herbs and sliced or chopped veggies. The water is spun off so there is no puddle left behind. I also use it for tomatoes when I don't want them to be so sloppy. This spinner is the best design I have used!

I have had this product for over 7 years and I love it. Spins the lettuce dry!

There are few kitchen tools that I would say have revolutionized my cooking life, but this salad spinner is one of them. It's like the designers set out to correct every possible concern someone could have with a salad spinner and did so successfully. Rather than pull a cord or crank a handle, you just push down to spin -- gravity is working in your favor. Rather than have to use one arm to hold the spinner in place, grippy rubber on the bottom does it for you. Rather than have to wait while the spinner comes to a complete stop, you just press the brake. One of my favorite features is that the spinning bowl is attractive enough to use as the serving bowl. And if you have leftovers you can just pop on the top and put it in the fridge. I'm not one to advocate waste, but if you don't have one of these, it's worth getting rid of your old salad spinner and replacing it with this model. You will never regret it.