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  • Arolland88 By  Arolland88    

    Makes Quick Work of Peeling a Potato

    Great peeler that doesn't jam/clog easily. Peels potatoes, carrots, etc really quickly and doesn't need constant cleaning. Handle is a good fit too so your hand won't cramp while peeling.

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  • jenulrigg By  jenulrigg    

    Works great! My two year wants to help in the kitchen a lot, and with Mommies supervision is even able to use these.

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  • ksammi20 By  ksammi20    

    I love my peeler! I use it all the time. Great gadget to have around the house.

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  • helenallredlpc By  helenallredlpc    

    LOL. I have 2 as well and would not give one away! This is a long lasting, comfortable to use kitchen tool.

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  • swankysuey By  swankysuey    

    I own two! And they've been around for over six years, still sharp and giong strong!

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  • TinaRofo By  TinaRofo    

    I have this peeler and it's easy to handle ti peels very well. I have had mine several years and i has easy cleanup - just put it in the dishwasher

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  • peanutsmom By  peanutsmom    

    I LOVE this peeler! Finally my son can help me cook. He loves to peel carrots, but I've always been afraid that he'll end up peeling his fingers. This peeler is safe and easy to use!

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  • barncoat By  barncoat    

    This peeler seems to continuously stay sharp! Its dishwasher safe which is a plus and timesaver for me. Also, it's very comfortable to hold, which is important to me when I have a ton of peeling to do, like for large batches of potato salad. Seems to be rust resistant as well. It is a reasonably priced, good quality product.

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  • flutelaura By  flutelaura    

    I have had this peeler for several years and is is STILL SHARP! What I love best is that it never rusts, even if I put it in the dishwasher! The handle is large and easy to grip even if your hands are wet. Whenever I have to buy Wedding presents, I usually tuck in this product because it great to start your kitchen with a tried and true product! Oxo also guarantees their products and if you ever had any trouble with it, you can return it and they will replace it!

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