OXO Kitchen Scissors

OXO Kitchen Scissors

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love these they cut thru anything its great for ribs chicken any thing I have even used them to cut lettuce in the strips.

The kitchen shears is the best tool in my drawer. If I want to clip ends off of greenbeans or cut up rhubarb or whatever -I can use the sheers instead of getting a cutting board out. The kids will take it out to the garden to go cut vegetables off the plant -instead of 'pulling' them off. The are easy to throw in the dishwasher and be ready for the next time I need my handy tool.

My kitchen scissors changed my life. They make everything so much easier - from cutting chicken to opening packaging or trimming bouquets. I'm so glad that I have them.

I use the scissors for everything! Cutting herbs, flowers, and even chicken. I don't know why for 20 years I always used a knife! These scissors are easy to clean and make my kitchen complete!

It was good, but not ok. It worked great at the begining, but then for some reason it wouldnt' cut that well anymore. I thought I had the best cissors, not not now anymore :( Maybe I got a bad set, but so far don't like it too much

We use these scissors for everything. One of the most used kitchen tools that we own .PIzza, rolls, fruit, plastic packaging, you name it and it does a great job. Cleanup is great too! Wouldn't be without them! I used to use a knife and this works better and is safer!!

These kitchen scissors are my go-to item. They have a nice edge and cut beautifully. Clean up is a snap and they don't rust or jam like other scissors.

i could never be without my oxo scissors! i have a space for them in my knife rack and i reach for them time after time all day long.....i have other scissors but these are the only ones that get the job done......i cut dough into sections with them....cut pizza into slices......so many uses i cant list them all .....love these scissors!

This is the best invention EVER I use these ALL the time for cutting meats and vegetables and everything in between. I tend to hide them because everyone in my family likes to use them for other reason then in my kitchen. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS can't live without!!

I use these shears for everything, from cutting pizza cutting open food packages. I recently discovered that they work much better than the traditional "cracker" tools used to cut open crab legs. Shears are much better and easier to use! I love them!

I couldn't imagine being without my kitchen scissors. I cut everything from meat to veggies. So much earier than a knife, and I can snip the tiniest pieces of celery etc. I don't know how I managed all thoes years using knives.

i Love these kitchen sissors. I have a small child and prefer to use these to cut up his food rather than using a knife and fork. I also use these instead of a pizza cutter to reduce clutter in my kitchen drawers. They are also great to use hwen deboning a chicekn/turkey and chop right through it all.

Greatest gadget since the melon baller! These kitchen scissors do it all. I have owned many a pair of kitchen scissors but the OXO brand I actually trust to cut food up in addition to the "quick" last minute cutting of a ribbon, piece of twine or cutting open a carboard box. I used to have two pairs - one for food, and one for "other" kitchen fixes, but since cleaning these scissors is both simple and thorough, I have a Confident-Clean feeling using just these for my family! The Herb Stripper and Soft-handled grips also were enough to make me rate this a definite Five Stars! Try them, you will not be disappointed!!

I adore my OXO Kitchen Scissors! I bought them initially for cutting up meat when I buy in bulk. It made the process painless! Then I started "harvesting" fresh herbs I had been growing. The two "holes" in the center of the scissors aided me in pulling the herb leaves off the stem without a problem! I use these scissors daily for cutting food, from cooked spaghetti for my 4-year-old, to cutting the crust off sandwiches for my 14-year-old, to portioning cooked foods like pizza for the whole family. These scissors are - cutting edge!

Never use a knife again! Ok, so maybe you still need a knife for spreading, but these kitchen scissors come in handy so often. For example, it is great for my toddler - I use them to cut pizza or sandwiches into smaller pieces. It is so much quicker and neater than using a knife. For my older child, I cut his toast in fun shapes or chicken breast into bite-size chunks. Just make sure to only use them on food - my son always wants them for his art projects!