OXO  Good Grips Serrated Peeler

OXO Good Grips Serrated Peeler

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Easy On My Hands I absolutely love my OXO peeler. In fact, anything OXO is good, in my opinion. This is a quality hand peeler and it works well. The handle is much easier on my hands which is great because I have psoriatic arthritis. I would rather not have to peel anything but since that is not an option, I'm glad I have my OXO peeler.

OXO good grips peeler This is my favorite peeler of all time....and I have tried many!!! I use this peeler on everything from white potatoes, cucumber even butternut squash and it glides right through. Always OXO!

Great product. Really like the grip. No problem peeling anything, even when the arthritis is making my hands hurt.

This is a great tool, a must-have for anyone in the kitchen!

This is the best peeler I've owned so far. I love that the grip makes it easy to hold, and I don't have to use any force to get it to really dig into the peel. It works just as well on hard foods as it does on softer foods (like peaches), and it works great to make little carrot or cabbage shreds for a salad. I use mine all the time.

Great grip and really cuts all the way down cucumbers and zucchini which other models don't. Love the way it tilts slightly to flow with the veggie.

Ive been using the same peeler for years now and it works as good now as when new.

This peeler has a great gripper handle for ease in use. It is so much better than the peeler my mother used when I was growing up!

This is a very handy kitchen tool to have. It is easy to use and makes food prep quick and easy. It makes a great gift too.

Easy to use and accurate

My favorite kitchen gadget is a serrated peeler. I use it to peel everything from potatoes to tomatoes. It is amazing. Until I bought it a few years ago, I hated having to peel anything. But the serrated blade on this peeler makes peeling anything a breeze. I love using it to peel fruits such as peaches and mangoes for my children. It takes off just the skin and not chunks of whatever you are peeling. Another awesome use for a serrated peeler is using it on celery! I run it lightly down the stalk to help remove the strings that make eating celery such an annoyance. Recently, I gave my best friend a bridal shower and this was in the bag of goodies I bought her!