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(posted February 7, 2011)

We love hearing and seeing all your thoughts on OWN. We want to say, thanks so much to everyone who has contributed! Evaluate Today!

She Knows - a little Aly-tude: Have you ever craved a Home Takeover?

(posted January 27, 2011)

I’ve always dreamed of one of those reality-TV design teams infiltrating my home, taking over, and making it into somewhere I actually would be proud to call home.

It seems that some people will be getting that chance in a whole new venue. I just read that OWN will be debuting "Home Takeover with Simon & Tomas," a new primetime home makeover series focused on transforming decor-challenged homes into stylish abodes. I’m so applying. You DON’T GET more design challenged than a tiny studio apartment in Brooklyn with one closet.

The series will be comprised of six one-hour episodes, and feature Scandinavia’s most celebrated pair of interior designers, Simon Davies and Tomas Cederlund. It is set to premiere March 28, 2011 on OWN.

After tackling hundreds of "home takeovers" throughout Sweden and the world, lauded interior designers Simon and Tomas are embarking on their first design rescue journey across the United States. The mission of the show is that, in each episode, out-of-date or often over-adorned homes are nominated by neighbors and loved ones who want to give the homeowners a gift of style. Staging a complete home takeover, the "Lords of Fabulousness" kick out the homeowners and move in. Simon and Tomas make the house their home by truly living in it - this means sleeping in the owners bed, eating their food, and playing their board games, as they get to work completely transforming the home’s offending rooms with the help of a team of contractors and a new design plan.

FRIENDS, NEIGHBORS, FRENEMIES: I implore you, NOMINATE me. I need help. I may not have board games, or a cozy abode for them to sleep in, but I NEED HELP. And I need transformation. Spring, cleaning, indeed. Lets make it happen!

Disclaimer: I am part of a select group of bloggers chosen by SheSpeaks/the Own Network to share our thoughts on the OWN network and preview content. Catch "Ask Oprah’s All Stars" Sundays at 8 PM Sundays on OWN.

Meet a little Aly-tude - Aly Walansky is the style editor for, a lifestyle columnist for and a contributor to publications ranging from Huffington Post to She is well-known for her beauty and style writing. New Beauty Magazine rated her one of the top four beauty bloggers on the web in their Winter 2010 issue and Star Magazine rated her the hottest blogger on the Internet this summer. Twitter: @alywalansky

Ramshackle Glam: OWN Network/Oprah’s All-Stars

(posted January 24, 2011)

I love Dr. Phil.

Or, perhaps more accurately, I love watching Dr. Phil. I mean, I don’t necessarily agree with him 100% of the time, and I’m not entirely certain I’d want to have him over for dinner (I think he’d stress me out) but the man usually does offer some fantastic advice.

Take for example, this Q&A from a recent episode of the OWN Network’s Ask Oprah’s All Stars.

Q. I’ve been a bridesmaid 11 times in the past four years. Each wedding has cost around a thousand dollars. I love my friends and I can’t say no, so what’s the best way for me to save up?

DR. PHIL: Well, first off, this isn’t about sayin’ no to your friends. It’s about saying yes to yourself. Okay?? Can you afford the ticket to the dance? And you’re telling us, no you can’t? So how do you say no? You just look at ’em and say, "Listen, I really, I really love you, you’re a great friend. I would be tickled to death to be at your wedding, but frankly, I don’t have a thousand dollars that it costs to do the dress. But I’ll be there. Let me do something else. Let me serve punch, let me do whatever, but I don’t have a thousand dollars, and so I’m just gonna have to say to say no, because I can’t afford to be a bridesmaid for the thirtieth time in my life."

In my book, that’s pretty dead-on advice. I actually had this conversation with a girlfriend a few days ago, and I told her that her friend would understand if she simply didn’t have the money, and would appreciate her offer to help out in ways that don’t take such an enormous financial toll (for example, assembling favors or addressing invitations). But this is a very sensitive subject (you may have heard that brides have a tendency to get a titch emotional about their weddings), so I also think that anyone turning down the offer to be a bridesmaid should go into the conversation with a few very specific things that they’d like to do to help out with the wedding, so that there’s no fear that the friend will feel that they just don’t care.

But that’s a digression (although I am curious what your thoughts are on this all-to-common etiquette issue). Back to Ask Oprah’s All Stars. In each episode of the 4-part special, Dr. Phil, Suze Orman, and Dr. Oz appear on-stage together before a live studio audience to answer questions about "health, wealth, and mental well-being." Recent topics covered have included how to ask your boss for a raise, juice fast cleanses, and what a wenus really is (yes, seriously).

Click here for an OWN Network Channel Finder so you can catch up on all four two-hour Ask Oprah’s All Stars specials, as well as other must-see shows like Master Class and Your OWN Show: Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star (gooooo Zach!).

The OWN Network and SheSpeaks are sponsors of Ramshackle Glam.

Nadine Jolie: Oprah Presents: Master Class - Simon Cowell

(posted January 22, 2011)

Did you watch the new episodes of American Idol this week? While I expect the show will probably pick up in later weeks (as it always does - I never get into the audition rounds), it’s sorely lacking without Simon Cowell. I can’t imagine I’m alone in saying he was a large part of the reason I watched the show!


This sounds bizarre, but I think about Simon often when I’m giving advice. I admire the fact that he tells it like it is, even when the truth hurts (um, since it normally does). When I was younger, my best friend A. always accused me of being too diplomatic, spinning and glossing certain things to make them more palatable. I got better at brutal honesty in my 20s, but I never want to hurt anybody’s feelings, and as a result I sometimes swallow my tongue, paste a smile on my face, and say what the other person wants to hear. It’s people-pleasing at its worst!

Obviously, Simon Cowell doesn’t have that problem.

Oprah will be interviewing him Sunday on her OWN show Oprah Presents: Master Class, and I’ve got the DVR set.

Come back, Simon! My TV needs you!

Disclosure: I am part of a select group of bloggers chosen by SheSpeaks/the Own Network to share our thoughts on the OWN network and preview content. Catch "Oprah Presents: Master Class" Sundays at 10 PM on OWN.

Makeover Momma: Unplug This Weekend With Family Friendly Tips

(posted January 22, 2011)

Weekend Roundup:

If you haven’t met your favorite gal pals for coffee since the last time you had an epidural, fear not... it’s time to chat! This Weekend Roundup post goes over some of the gossip, entertainment and health topics that are on my mind (and quite possibly on yours). Let’s do this...

  • Slim In 6: Remember my goal to start using the Slim In 6 Beach Body system as often as possible, per the recommendation of my coach friend Melissa! Believe it or not, I’ve almost slightly stuck to it! I have to admit: my busy lifestyle, increasingly crazy schedule and various illnesses kept me from being as vigilant as I would like to be, but I have managed to turn to a workout whenever possible. I still find that the Slim In 6 system is reasonable and rational enough that most women could fit it into their busy day (even if only 3 days a week instead of 5), and I truly felt the burn in my arms and legs the next day. Then again, Melissa swears by other Beach Body programs (namely Cha Lean, which helped her lose 23 pounds without changing her eating), so I’m truly considering investigating the hype. After all, who better to trust than a fellow mom?
  • Kidnapped By The Kids: Being a Conversation Leader for Oprah’s new OWN Network sounds pretty cool, right? But even though she didn’t bring me to Australia (Hello Oprah? What are you thinking?), I do get an inside look at some of the shows before they’ve even aired thanks to She One of the shows I loved the most was Kidnapped By The Kids: an Intervention-esque reality where children stop their workaholic parents from being sucked into technology 24-7.
  • Perhaps the most painful thing about this show is that (unlike Hoarders or American Idol where I think to myself, "thank goodness I only have moderate amounts of psychosis"), it really hits home. How many of us have gotten drawn into Facebook on a Wednesday night like it’s some all consuming vortex? (Still no scientific confirmation if this is actually true). I want to hear your thoughts (and be honest): do you think you’re on the verge of being kidnapped by your own kids? Or are you at the point where you want to kidnap yourself? (Now please validate my opinions by liking me on Facebook and becoming my BFF on Twitter).

Sound Off: Do you think your family would ever put you on Kidnapped By The Kids?

A Cowboys Wife: OWNing 2011

(posted January 21, 2011)

2011 marks my fourth year of blogging. I’ve worked so hard to get the opportunities that I do but not without sacrifice. I ran on 3-4 hours of sleep a night, took 2-3 trips a month one year (away from my family), and basically put the things that I loved most on the back-burner. It took me a long time but I have seen what’s truly important. It’s not the trips, the free appliances, or even the money but instead, it’s having that time with family, taking those trips with family, and making myself happy & well.


OWNing 2011 for me, will be about taking extra time on me & my family, getting a good night’s sleep so I can function the next day, and knowing that I’m the boss of my blogs. To be honest, it will be a lot about me. Healing my mind, my body, so that I can be a better mom & wife & friend. Having been a mom since I was 16, I’ve always had to put me last and just because I have kids, doesn’t mean I can’t put me ahead a little bit. I need to be well to take care of them and my blogs. I can say yes and no when I want and that’s a job freedom that most don’t have. I need to use that to my advantage; saying yes and no that is, and I have been. I’m making better business decisions and being realistic while still aspiring to that one goal or two. I’ve been sleeping more, hanging out less on the computer, and doing more of the things I love, like photography.

I hope to get me and my husband to the NFR this year and take mini getaways with him more often. I want to take my kids more places so that they can experience what’s unknown to them. I want to sit on my couch, watching a movie that makes me cry, while crocheting a blanket. I want to enjoy cooking again. I really want my parents to move closer to this area so that I can hang out with my mom, invite them over for a cookout, and let them be closer to their grandkids so they can see just how wonderful they are.

To make these things happen, I have to OWN it, and I will. Sometimes, it’s the simple things.

What are YOU doing to OWN 2011?

Meet A Cowboys Wife - Lori Falcon is a self-taught problogger and the CEO/Founder of,,, She is a social media influencer and tech nerd who enjoys office supplies, Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper, and handbags. She’s 34, and the wife of a real cowboy of 18+ years with 3 handsome boys; Tyler 17, Toby 14, and Truett 4 who are all the loves of her life. Twitter: @acowboyswife

She Knows - a little Aly-tude: Ask Oprah’s All Stars" Suze Orman Schools Us All

(posted January 20, 2011)

As you all know, since New Years Day, I’ve been GLUED to Oprah’s new OWN network.


One of my favorite parts of the network is "Ask Oprah’s All Stars," a program featuring Suze Orman, Dr. Phil, and Dr. Mehmet Oz on a panel answering viewers’ questions, and in a recent episode, someone wrote in asking if she had a right to be angry at her twin sister, who had borrowed several thousand dollars from her and had yet to pay it back.


The sister had been going through hard times - lost her job, was in debt, etc - however, she was still managing to go shopping and get regular manicures!p>

I loved this episode - and I loved Suze’s advice. "You have a right to be angry at her," Orman responded. "But i have to tell you, you should actually in be, in my opinion, more angry at yourself. Just don’t go telling me this is the first time you’ve seen your sister be irresponsible with money."


Orman continued, "When you give someone money, you’re giving it to them...don’t think you’re lending it to them."


What do you think about this? While I don’t have a sister, I have been in that situation - where you lay out money for a friend, or give them gifts, or dinner, only to see them waste their money elsewhere. Is that their fault? Is it ours? Is it not even our business? Is friendship (or family) and money something that should never be mixed? Ultimately, it’s an issue that complicates relationships and casts doubt of one’s intentions in a place it doesn’t have to be.


Suze’s advice: "When you are giving somebody money, you are giving it to them. Don’t think you are lending it to them. You need to ask yourself: Can I afford it? If you can’t, because they can’t pay you back, what are you going to do? What I would do if I were you, by the way, is get your sister to pay you back $75 a month, every month, for the next four years. That’s with 4 percent interest. Then you will have a better relationship.

What do you think of this advice?

Disclaimer: I am part of a select group of bloggers chosen by SheSpeaks/the Own Network to share our thoughts on the OWN network and preview content. Catch ?Ask Oprah?s All Stars? Sundays at 8 PM Sundays on OWN.

Meet a little Aly-tude - Aly Walansky is the style editor for, a lifestyle columnist for and a contributor to publications ranging from Huffington Post to She is well-known for her beauty and style writing. New Beauty Magazine rated her one of the top four beauty bloggers on the web in their Winter 2010 issue and Star Magazine rated her the hottest blogger on the Internet this summer. Twitter: @alywalansky

How Are You OWN-ing 2011?

(posted January 18, 2011

How are you going to OWN 2011? Maybe learn a new language or you’re starting a new job? Are the kids leaving for college or are you welcoming a new a new bundle of joy?

We want to know how you’ll be OWN-ing the New Year! Send us pictures or videos of how you’ll be OWN-ing 2011. Be creative and feel free to have the family or friends join in!

To upload photos or videos, head to We’ll be picking a few to post on our Facebook Fan Page and even sharing a few on Twitter so stay tuned!

She Knows - a little Aly-tude: OWN Rocks - In the Bedroom With Dr. Laura Berman Explores ’Sex and the Laundry Basket’

(posted January 11, 2011)

As you all are already aware, I am part of She Speaks/Oprah Winfrey Network OWN the New Year Program, which is allowing select bloggers the opportunity to preview content of the OWN network and share their thoughts across the social media realm. (To find OWN, visit the channel locator on Oprah’s website.)

Obviously, we all know I am inherently an obsessive personality, and consequently, already have a new favorite show. I’m LOVING In the Bedroom With Dr. Laura Berman, AND must share the first episode, ’Sex plus the Laundry Basket’.

The idea of the series is that Dr Laura offers couples recommendation upon their relations plus sex lives. (As any good sex therapist does.) In the opener, we find out that this woman can ONLY orgasm with the aide of her laundry basket!

I’m actually already pretty familiar with Berman - she just launched her new self-help book, "It’s Not Him, It’s you! How to take Charge of Your Life and Create the Love and Intimacy you Deserve." The show is a like premise, in it, she visits homes for an intensive three-day therapy session to address problems inside the bedroom and out. Like, in the laundry basket episode, yes - she counsels a woman who can climax only with aid of a laundry basket - but also learns that the couple’s real problems are rooted in an off-kilter power dynamic! Essentially, Becky is completely disillusioned with her husband Steve’s lack of ambition/initiative - so much so that she just can’t be physically pleased by him anymore. So, she’s turned to something that does fulfill her hopes and expectations - the laundry basket.

Ultimately, the resolution is that sex is systematic but not the whole picture - sex is never about JUST sex. So true! I can’t tell you how often my friends - and readers - are discussing sex issues that always end up being about something A LOT bigger!

By the end of the episode, the woman is able to orgasm - with her husband, not just with her basket. That’s progress - and reason to keep watching!

Meet a little Aly-tude - Aly Walansky is the style editor for, a lifestyle columnist for and a contributor to publications ranging from Huffington Post to She is well-known for her beauty and style writing. New Beauty Magazine rated her one of the top four beauty bloggers on the web in their Winter 2010 issue and Star Magazine rated her the hottest blogger on the Internet this summer. Twitter: @alywalansky

Skimbaco Lifestyle: Farewell to 2010 and How I’m Going To OWN 2011

(posted January 6, 2011)

Looking back...year 2010 was amazing. And there were times I was truly living life to the fullest - and others.. not so much.


I traveled across the nation and to Europe to do speaking engagements, media tours and appearances. I witnessed an Olympic team to be announced, and met the team. I watched a movie sitting a few rows from Adrian Grenier and Paris Hilton, yet it was George Clooney at the Oscars’ red carpet who took me by surprise and left me wordless.

I sat in a ski lift in Park City Mountain Resort while my friend Linda told me about a cool place called Rockport - a few months later I spent two weeks in Rockport eating lobster and working with a beach view.

I visited Stockholm, Sweden, just a few weeks before the royal wedding, and flew to Las Vegas on business trips more times than in any other place. I skied my first black diamond, tried snowboarding, and colored my hair to blonde.

I was at both Fashion Weeks in New York, and interviewing celebrities quit being nerve wrecking (well, unless it’s George Clooney, then I remain silent and mysterious). The entire year, I worked hard for Collective Bias, and got hundreds of bloggers paid for the hard work they do and for the services they can provide for marketers.

I tripled my blog traffic here at Skimbaco Lifestyle. I started a few new blogs, quit writing a few blogs.

I made more money than ever in my life, and it was weird especially after being totally broke only a year before.

I’m Going to OWN 2011


By the end of the year I really found my focus and what I want to be doing in 2011. I am going to OWN 2011.

The past year my family has been very patient with me, and letting me to borrow time from them to build my career. This year I am committed in making better business decisions that are better for my family. If I am so lucky that I will find my way to the beach at Rockport this summer, there is no way I will spend it all indoors working. I am committed in not just building my brand and career, but making a career of living my brand of living life to the fullest. Last year I thought more than a few times - is this really living life to the fullest? and my answer "no" forced me to make changes in my life. I felt that I was going away from my original "plan" and that I needed to get back on track. I want to spend more time with my family and enjoy every day life. I am going to OWN 2011 and do something I absolutely love each day, and do it with my family and for my family. I’m going to OWN living life to the fullest in 2011.

OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network


I was inspired to write this post by OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network which debuted on January 1st, 2011. OWN programming includes original series and specials, all focused on entertaining, informing and inspiring people to live their best lives. I’m looking forward watching the inside look of the making of the farewell season of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and can’t wait for the "Your OWN Show: Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star" series to premiere on Friday, January 7th 9/8c

Meet Skimbaco Lifestyle - Katja Presnal - Owner & Founder of Skimbaco® lifestyle brand & blogs. Skimbaco blogs are partially syndicated in Finnish for MTV3 TV Network in Finland. Community Director for a social shopper marketing agency, Collective Bias. Clients include Hershey, Colgate, Philips, Elmer’s, Seagate. Popular speaker at social media conferences and at corporate boardrooms and summits, including Blog World Expo. Home channel editor for A&E TV Network’s Lifetime Moms. Twitter: @katjapresnal

Tune In - Your OWN Show

(posted January 6, 2011)

Your OWN Show: Oprah’s Search for the next TV Star - Ten contestants with determination, passion and drive were plucked from obscurity from thousands of auditions to compete to get their own TV show on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

Do you think you have what it takes to create your OWN show? The retired queen of daytime television wants to give you a chance.

Hosts Nancy O’Dell and Carson Kressley guide the hopefuls through intense challenges designed to see if they have what it takes to have their own show. Each episode the contestants will be mentored by A-list hosts. (Rumor has it that Dr. Phil, Suze Orman and Gayle King will make guest appearances!)

Host-hopefuls will put their skills to the test by booking guests and even creating a pilot presentation. The winner will receive - their very own show! (How cool is that?!)

Episode 1 premieres Friday, January 7th, at 9pm EST.Find OWN on your TV with the OWN Channel Finder.

What would you do, if you had your OWN show?

Makeover Momma: Real Moms Don’t OWN Louboutins

(posted January 5, 2011)

Family Breakdown of the Week:

When Makeover Momma first started a few years ago, I didn’t want it to be about me. Originally I hoped that Makeover Momma could serve as a resource for busy, budgeted women (much like an online magazine), and I would keep myself secretly on the sidelines. I didn’t want anyone to think that I’m perfect (or worst of all, that I think I’m perfect enough to be bossing everyone around). But as the website developed and I made so many amazing friends along the way, I realized that I wanted to share my struggles, triumphs and losses along the way, because so many of you are brave enough to share yours with me.

If I’m good at anything these days, it’s fantasizing my dreams and goals (Ryan Reynolds included), and hoping they come into fruition. No, I’m not going all "The Secret" on you, but I do have a ridiculously overactive imagination (perhaps induced by too many years of ballet). My ultimate dream over the past few years was to appear on Oprah as an author (after publishing the Makeover Momma book, or one of the many other fictional concoctions I brew up on the side). But since Oprah’s show is nearing it’s end, I am literally losing that dream faster than you can say "Look out Daily Show!" So lately I’ve been envisioning hosting my own show on her brand new project: Your OWN Show.

2010 was a tough year, and I don’t know if there are many of us who are sad to see it go. This past year held a great many struggles for me personally including my husband losing his job to the economy (six months and counting), frantically learning sign language for my little one, various personal losses, and continuing to struggle with the balance between motherhood and financial obligation. To put it bluntly, it was a year of mommy guilt, tremendous stress and striving to help both my children do their best. So what would my show be about? Just that.

Motherhood is so often glamorized in today’s society with shows like Real Housewives or Basketball Wives. I mean really, when was the last time you had a Louboutin laden cat fight over lunch? Children become after thoughts in even my most favorite of TV dramas, appearing once every three episodes if we’re lucky. (Come on guys. Does Kitty Walker even have a son anymore?) But in reality, being a mother should be what our universe revolves around. Being a mother should be messy, hard, exhausting; but filled with just enough success and beautiful moments of love that we hold onto our sanity for just a minute longer. I’d love to see a show depicting the Real Bloggers of the country. Women who are working hard to give a voice to other moms, to share their stories and journeys with the world; while struggling with the realities of motherhood and life along the way. (Hint: perfect manicures aren’t included).

Sound Off: What would your OWN show be about?

Ramshackle Glam: Your OWN Show / Premiere Episode

(posted January 5, 2011)

So yesterday I got the chance to check out the premiere episode of Your OWN Show: Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star (it premieres on the OWN Network this Friday at 9/8c) and yup, like everything else Oprah has a hand in, it’s a must-see.

To cut to the chase: the reason why this show is exciting is because the prize is your very own show on OWN. Yeah, there’s some kind of cash incentive and Kohl’s tie-in but whoever wins this thing will see their life shoot off in a new direction forever. As Dr. Phil says in the opener: "It’s a game-changer." This isn’t ANTM (Caridee English? Jaslene? ...Eva? Where’ve you gotten to?). This is Oprah. AND SHE WANTS TO GIVE YOU A SHOW. So when the contestants practically pass out with excitement (tears, shrieking, etc) within the first five minutes...well, you completely get it.

But that leads me to the problem with the show: the contestants seem more like Superfans (some of them literally bow when Oprah first walks in) than actual personalities deserving of their own time in the spotlight. It’s only been one episode, granted, but to me none of them (save for Zach, who has so much charm you want to reach through the screen and hug him) seem like someone I’d be particularly interested in having come into my home every single day. The women in particular are grating: there’s a lot of cattiness already, and the standout villain (stay-at-home mom Leigh) is sure to set your eyes rolling. Hey, though - it’s reality TV, and the drama is what makes it so fun to watch.

And as a reality competition, the show certainly is fun. I just hope that the contestants can step up to the challenge and show us that at least some of them deserve this unbelievable opportunity.

She Knows - a little Aly-tude: I’m Going to OWN 2011

(posted January 4, 2011)

I have to confess, I spent a lot of 2010 being pretty sad and feeling sorry for myself.

I had a lot of friend and work drama, and while my personal life was spread into a seeming-nation of uncertainty and confusion, I gained weight, became unhappy in my own shoes, and wondered if I’d ever live happily ever after.


I’ve often resorted to believe in curses: every year, it’d blizzard on my birthday. I believed I had a birthday curse. Two years in a row, a pet died during the holidays. I owned it up to a holiday curse. Everything was always the "fault" of a higher power. Everything was always a flaw, or a problem - something wrong, or bad, with the world that needed to be fixed, or destroyed, or done away with.

And, then, suddenly, it was 2011. And I realized it was time to OWN myself, and my destiny.

I’m going into this year with a tight budget, and a lot of things I’d love to do, purchases I’d love to make, moves I’d love to make, places I’d love to see, restaurants I’d love to visit.

The blogosphere is a strange, strange place: I keep on being told I am successful. I have lots of followers, get invited to fun events, get to sit on exciting panels, but I also have budget issues, and clients that forget to pay. I have dramas, and uncertainty, and doubts about when the work will dry up or my interest-ratio will end. Or, if, quite possibly, I’ll just run out of meaningful things to say.

I’m no longer going to complain about what I don’t have, or lack, or am missing.

I plan on owning 2011.

Now, I will examine my life and see the potential vs the flaws; the values to be nurtured and cherished, rather than shot down. I’m setting goals and achieving them. I will focus on a reality and make it happen, and then I will make the next level happen. And the next one after that. Along the way, there may be stumbling blocks, but I will keep on looking ahead, and not down, or behind me, and my goals as far as my emotional, physical, and professional life will continue to flourish.

As I write this blog post, I am watching a preview episode of OWN Network’s Your OWN Show: Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star, and it’s already serving as an inspiration. Everyone has idols, and goals, missions to set forth, and beings whose accomplishments help to give them the faith to power forward. Oprah, and OWN, is perfectly timed to be mine and set me on my own path to inspiration. Please join me!

Disclaimer: I am participating in the channel locator on Oprah’s website.

Meet a little Aly-tude - Aly Walansky is the style editor for, a lifestyle columnist for and a contributor to publications ranging from Huffington Post to She is well-known for her beauty and style writing. New Beauty Magazine rated her one of the top four beauty bloggers on the web in their Winter 2010 issue and Star Magazine rated her the hottest blogger on the Internet this summer. Twitter: @alywalansky

Detroit Mommies: I Plan on OWNing 2011

(posted January 1, 2011)

2010 was really good year for me. It was the year I took control of my life and MADE things happen. My backbone got stronger because I was tired of watching people around me thrive while I was struggling to make ends meet.

Detroit Mommies

Going into 2010, we were living on a tight, tight budget. There was no splurging on anything. Going out to dinner was for special occasions only and if those jeans didn’t have a hole on them or those shoes still fit, you won’t be getting a new pair until you HAD to. There was NO extra spending beyond bills and I’m talking car payment, house payment, water, electric, ect. The basic everyday bills. Thank God there weren’t any credit card bills to have to worry about.

I was so tired of not being able to enjoy the hard earned money. I was working my behind off on the computer, but not making any money. I had self taught myself and was savvy in social media, so I took ownership over my talents and put a price on my knowledge. I ended up with a full time salaried position as the Community Project Manager of a social media marketing company called Collective Bias and my life changed. I became a WAHM utilizing all of my online talents at 110% and it paid off.

I plan on owning 2011.

I set goals in 2010 and and achieved them. I focused and did not give up. I saw myself succeed. I got a taste of awesomesauce and now I crave it.

2011 will be better that 2010 - I can feel it. I WILL Own it!

I doubt I will own my own network like Oprah, which launches today by the way, I’m not at that point in my life just yet, but I do have some dreams and desires that I plan on owning.

Meet Detroit Mommies - Courtney Velasquez is the ultimate, multitasking Detroit mom! She runs two blogs The Digital Mommy and Detroit Mommies, works full time for Collective Bias and has 3 girls under 7 years old. Courtney founded Detroit Mommies in 2009 after moving from California to Metro Detroit. She saw a need for a place that moms and dads all over Detroit could go to find out what events were going on in and around Detroit. Twitter: @courtneydetroit and @DetroitMommies

Tune In- Ask Oprah’s All Stars

(posted January 1, 2011)

For the first time, Oprah’s All Stars - Dr. Phil, Suze Orman and Dr. Mehmet Oz - will appear on one stage to answer viewer’s pressing questions about health, wealth and mental well-being.

Shot before a live studio audience, this four-part special offers unprecedented access to Oprah Winfrey’s go-to group of masters as they share their wisdom and help viewers jumpstart their best year ever. Imagine having expert advice on emotional issues, financial problems and even health queries! Where would the questions stop?

Episode 1 premieres Sunday, January 2nd, at 8pm EST. Find OWN on your TV with the OWN Channel Finder.

If you could have one of the all-stars on-hand to answer all of your questions, who would you choose and why?

Nadine Jolie: OWN - Oprah Winfrey Network Launches Today

(posted January 1, 2011)

Let’s be honest. It’s Oprah’s world - we just live in it!

Today, OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network, launches, and I’m excited to announce that I’ve been chosen as a Conversation Leader with the She Speaks/Oprah Winfrey Network OWN the New Year Program. (Official disclosure: I received this opportunity as a Conversation Leader at

Nadine Jolie

Here’s a little peek at some of the new shows you can expect in the coming year:

Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes, giving an unprecedented look at what really goes on at The Oprah Winfrey Show (I want to see the doubtlessly crazy prep for her "My Favorite Things" show!)

Miracle Detectives, a real-life X-Files, where the detective duo of a skeptic and a believer examine unexplained events around the world

Finding Sarah, Sarah, Duchess of York’s reality show following her as she tries to get her life on track after last year’s "cash for access" scandal

Oprah Presents: Master Class, interviewing stars like Jay-Z, Diane Sawyer, Simon Cowell and Condoleezza Rice

To find OWN, visit the channel locator on the OWN website.

Every December 31st, I carve out a little Jolie time to reflect on the year - writing down accomplishments, thinking back on both rewards and disappointments, examining how (and if) I could have changed things, and then harnessing that purpose and resolve while writing a list of goals for the new year. My mission statement for 2011: Here’s what I wrote as it currently sits in a word document in my "Personal" folder:>

"My intention for 2011 is to write, to work harder, to create, and to own my power!"

I didn’t even mean to use the word "own", but as I was writing this OWN post and then looking back at my goals document, I realized I had and that it was a nice little tie-in!

So, now it’s your turn. Feel free to just think about it and keep it to yourself, if you prefer, but I’d love to hear from you in the comments as I’m genuinely curious:

How will you own 2011?

Hugs, and here’s to a healthy year full of love, laughter, abundance and beauty!

Meet Nadine Jolie - Nadine Jolie is a former beauty editor and author of Confessions of a Beauty Addict and the popular guide Beauty Confidential: The No Preaching, No Lies, Advice-You’ll-Actually-Use Guide to Looking Your Best. Nadine began working as a beauty editor in New York, learning the intricacies of the beauty industry and women’s skincare needs while an editor at Lucky and Ladies’ Home Journal. She has built a career on teaching women to look and feel their best by arming them with simple tools, tricks and do-it-yourself lessons, and believes nothing makes a woman more beautiful than confidence and a genuine smile. Twitter: @nadinejolie

Makeover Momma: OWN 2011 With Makeover Momma’s Best Products of The Year

(posted January 1, 2011)

It’s the last post of 2010 and I have one question for you: how are you going to OWN 2011? Personally, I have the same goal in mind that I carry with me nearly every second of every day. to be an even better mother. To be the best that I can be for my children, for my health and for our future. But even though I might have some balanced living goals in mind, I want to know how you plan to revamp your life in the new year. Who inspired this? Oprah of course!

I love Oprah Winfrey about as much as she loves making people cry and giving away free things. Even though she isn’t a mom herself, she seems to value and appreciate the every-day mother both in her shows, her charity and her attitude. This is I why I couldn’t be more pumped to see her new network: OWN. And to help you reach your fabulous goals in 2011, it’s time for the annual Makeover Momma Best of 2010 Awards. You ready?

How did I judge these beauty products and why did I pick them? Personally, I chose products based on the fact that even if I received them for free, they are the items I’m scrambling to buy the second I run out.


  • Talika Lipocils Eyelash Extender: This has been my all time favorite product for over a year now, and I’m still singing it’s praises. I simply swipe it on between coats of mascara and my eyelashes literally double (helping me look more awake even when my 18 month old has different ideas).
  • Orglamix Pure Organic Mineral Foundation: I have beauty ADD and can easily get distracted from my favorite products.Whenever I try other types of foundations and cover ups, my skin always ends up breaking out and becoming irritated at a later date. This is why I love Orglamix: it keeps my skin clear and always look natural (plus, it’s so much cheaper than competing brands).
  • Proactiv Repairing Lotion: The key to skipping makeup whenever you want is clear skin. For me, the easiest way to get it (without spending a ton of money) is using a generic acne face wipe to gently exfoliate and cleanse both morning and night, this Proactiv product, and an anti-aging moisturizer with SPF 30 or more. It’s like perfection in a bottle!
  • Wen Conditioning Cleanser: Cleaning your hair with conditioner can seem counterproductive, but it can literally transform your hair (I swear!) I have never gotten so many compliments on my hair’s shine or health since using Wen (and I never want to stop using it!)
  • Macadamia Natural Hair Oil: Hair and oil aren’t often a good mix, but this natural product has reversed years of damage in my own strands. I use this on my ends when just out of the shower, before curling or before going to sleep, and they’ve never been shinier!

Best Fashion In 2010

  • True Balance Sneakers: I’m the kind of gal who considers dreaming about a marathon as good exercise, so I need shoes that can do the work for me. These New Balance toning sneakers are stylish, crazy comfortable and help me double my workout (even if it’s just walking around the house or going to the store).
  • Shop Suey Boutique Purse: I don’t own fancy purses. On a good day, I carry a Fouis (faux-Louis) and beat up diaper bag, with very little interest in shelling out for the designer alternative. My Christina Satchel from Shop Suey Boutique completely changed my mind: it has high class appeal and can transform any outfit, despite it’s far from designer price.

Best of Healthy Living In 2010

  • Xbox 360 Kinect: Sometimes I think my husband is married to two people: me and his Xbox. Even though I’ve never been much of a gamer, I am falling deeply in love with the new Kinect system (props to Santa for sending it my way this year). I have been having so much fun exercising, playing and dancing each day that staying in shape for 2011 is going to be easier than ever. Worth every penny!
  • Slim Fast 321 Plan Cappacino Shake: If you tend to skip breakfast or forget meals like I do, Slim Fast is the staple in healthy, tasty shakes. Despite years of trying other alternatives, I always go back to Slim Fast for fast, on-the-go meals (they just taste so darn good!)

Best of Family In 2010

  • Juno Baby Educational DVD’s: Finding a DVD that entices both my 18 month old and 4 1/2 year old is tricky, but Juno does the trick. The mix of educational topics, brain stimulating musical compositions and healthy values is not only a hit with my kids, but a hit with me!
  • My Skidders Shoes: If there is one question I’m asked every single time I leave the house it’s been "where did you get those shoes?" (And no, they’re not talking about me). Ever since I bought my toddler Skidders from (for only $12.99), strangers are constantly stopping to inquire about the unique mesh of sock and shoe. They’re the easiest shoes to pull on her feet, she never pulls them off and if we could make every single shoe in the world a Skidder - we would. (Yes, I love them that much).
  • Between You & Me Journals: If you want to give the best gift in the world to someone you love, give this. This journal can be given to parents, daughters, sons and spouses, and lets them answer questions about their childhood, memories and favorite moments in life. It’s the perfect way to remember those you love and create a keepsake that will last forever.
  • Scentsy No Burn Candles: Candles have always been a nuisance to me in the past. They drip wax, they can burn your children and can even burn down your home. That is, until I met Maria from Scentsy (a dear friend with amazing product offerings). Now my house always smells beautiful and inviting (and my kids are always safe): love it!

Don’t forget to use these products to help you OWN 2011! Check out this OWN Channel Finder to view the premier of Oprah’s new network (New Year’s day!)

Meet Makeover Momma - Bailey Vincent Clark is the founder of (a Website for busy budgeted women who want to feel fit, fashionable and fabulous after kids), as well as the proud mother of two young girls. Twitter: @makeovermomma

Sugar Jones: I’m OWNing it ALL!

(posted December 31, 2010)

This year has been a roller coaster ride; one that I’m glad I got to experience; even the parts that made me feel more than a little sick. So many times, I wasn’t sure what the next day would bring and whether or not I could handle it. So many of those days, I just wanted to pull the covers over my head and pretend I was anywhere but in my own life. Still, I kept getting up and out of bed to face the day, even if sometimes there was more mascara on my cheeks than others.

Sugar Jones

Looking back on 2010, there is one thing I am certain of.

I owned it all.

I owned my part in any situations I was unhappy with.

I owned the relationships I was or wasn’t in.

I owned my unhappiness.

I also owned the good stuff.

I owned the decisions to let go of the bad, to change direction, getting back on my own path, regardless of the questions, concerns, and strange looks from others. This is my life, after all. At the end, I’ll look back and know that I owned it all.

Don’t get the wrong idea. This wasn’t a completely horrible year. It’s actually been quite amazing!! Sitting here, I can only recall the good that happened. The friends that lifted me up. The adventures I got to experience. The little girl dreams that have come true. Those moments were all that much sweeter because of all the crap.

Now 2011 is here and it is going to be a great year!!

I’ll own the missteps.

I’ll own the face plants.

I’ll own the fall out from all bad decisions.

But I’ll also own the triumphs, the laughter, and the days in the sun.

2011 is going to be even more amazing! I have two words: BRING IT!


Meet Sugar Jones - Sugar Jones is a dreamer, writer, mom, and traveler who loves life; even when it’s not so fabulous. Her four children, ages 7 to 22 have taught her many tough lessons and given her much joy, which is why she forgives them for all the sleepless nights and wrinkles. Always a cheerleader for living out loud, she hopes to encourage others to live every day to the fullest. Twitter: @sugarjones

Ramshackle Glam: OWN Launch January 1st!

(posted December 31, 2010)

You may have heard some fuss in the media lately about a little thing called OWN? You know, Oprah’s new 24/7 network devoted to self-discovery?

If you’ve been vacationing in Atlantis and have somehow managed to miss all the coverage, let me summarize it for you:



And I have to say, I agree wholeheartedly with all the excitement: it’s a fact that everything the woman touches turns to gold. She’s just perfection, and I along with everyone else adore her.

Which brings me to some exciting news! I’ve been asked to work with OWN and She Speaks as a "Conversation Leader," which means that I’ll be viewing and writing about the shows in advance of the premieres (cool), as well as chatting about various things over on the OWN/She Speaks boards.

For my introductory post, I was asked to make a video in which I say how I’m going to OWN 2011 and the show that I’m the most excited for (Your OWN Show, of course). Here it is! (I just made it this afternoon, hence the New Year’s Eve-appropriate sparkle earrings :)

OWN The New Year from Jordan Reid on Vimeo.

Question for you: do you do the whole resolution thing? If so, what are your plans for the coming year?

Meet Ramshackle Glam - Jordan Reid is the 29-year-old founder of Ramshackle Glam, a Website offering inspired lifestyle ideas for the experimental urbanite. She is also the lifestyle expert for nationally syndicated women’s show BetterTV, as well as a correspondent for numerous other nationally and internationally syndicated programs. She currently lives in Manhattan with her husband and two dogs. Twitter: @ramshackleglam

Tune In! Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes

(posted December 31, 2010)

For years, Oprah has educated and touched lives through her show and philanthropy. From her countless amazing guests to her glamorous giveaways, "The Oprah Winfrey Show" was a household name that won when it came to daytime television.

Now, for the first and last time, "The Oprah Winfrey Show" opens its doors to invite viewers behind the scenes for the making of the farewell season. See what happens off-camera as the staff, guests and Oprah herself reveal a side the public has never seen.

Episode 1 & 2 premiere Saturday, January 1st, at 8pm & 9pm EST.

What behind-the-scenes antics are you looking forward to seeing?

Welcome, let’s start OWN-ing 2011!

(posted December 21, 2010)

New Year. New You. Starting January 1st, OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network launches with shows designed to entertain, inform and inspire people, like you, to live their best lives. In celebration of the launch, we invite you to our OWN the New Year Program with OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

What’s on your plate for 2011? Getting married or traveling abroad? Share how you’re going to OWN 2011! Watch OWN’s new launch video now and join the OWN discussion with your fellow SheSpeaks members.

Find OWN on your TV with the OWN Channel Finder.