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  • amsweeney By  amsweeney    


    I use this brand every time I go to the nail salon. This lasts on my toes for up to two weeks and only chips a little if it's more than 2 weeks. Always a wide range of colors. I love this brand.

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  • Rosymw By  Rosymw    

    unlimited color choices and great quality!

    I've been using OPI polish for years! I've always been so happy with the quality. The bottles last a long time and the polish goes on smooth. The color choices are beautiful and don't chip!

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  • Aaliyahlove By  Aaliyahlove    

    OPI Lover

    I love every color that OPI comes out with. I love the fun names that they give the colors. I just bought five new colors just this past weekend. I love that you don't have to use a million coats to get the right color. They have every color that you can think of.

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  • tnguyen3060 By  tnguyen3060    

    best product for nail salon

    smoothly application feeling, i mean, it's just so amazing for me. my family run a nail salon and this brand is the most nail polishes on the shelve. i love the application, the color omg definetly have a bunch of options and nice colors. Go for it girl !!!! it's worth your money im serious

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  • Lyndsey_frost By  Lyndsey_frost    


    So many great shades and are affordable. They work really well and apply super easy

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  • ElephantsRule By  ElephantsRule    

    Love the variety of colors! its the only polish my nail salon carries. My pedicure lasts for weeks with this polish!:)

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  • Linseylou By  Linseylou    


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  • LaurenBears By  LaurenBears    

    LOVE OPI! They have the best color selection of any of the other nail polishes, in my opinion, and they last for such a long time. Every nail salon I've ever used uses OPI pretty much exclusively and that speaks a lot to the quality of the product. My daughter uses and loves them too!

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  • elva50 By  elva50    

    Excellent, long lasting polish with even better names! I use this and Essie since they are both last the longest.

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  • sunshineaj_22 By  sunshineaj_22    

    Opi is seriously one of my top 3 polishes ever!!!! It stays on twice as long as other polishes I have tried. Pretty chip resistant and the colors are very rich and really only 1 coat is needed

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  • nmcreel By  nmcreel    

    I'm always a huge fan of OPI nail products! They last forever and look beautiful! They have a beautiful shine and usually look fantastic for weeks!

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  • JackiiG By  JackiiG    

    I've always purchased these nail polishes. I would recommend this to anyone especially those who paint their nails almost everyday. It's easy to remove with most nail polish removers which I love very much. And it last for a decent amount of time without chipping off

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  • Samrina By  Samrina    

    I happen to be very picky about nail colors and I don't like enamel that's too loud. OPI has the sided range of colours for people like me. I love their shade NLR58(Not tonight honey). It's mellow and perfect for weatish complexion. Perfect of everyday office wear or for a dinner. Best of all it doesn't chip.

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  • amandaakaaj By  amandaakaaj    

    The longest lasting polish Iv ever had is O.P.I. I love the colors it comes in and it's worth the price because it doesn't chip off like most polishes! The Fall colors they have are my favorite!

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  • katiecourtney By  katiecourtney    

    like this polish, but prefer Essie. I often have problems with OPI bubbling up, applying to thickly, and not drying evenly. Just feel as though Essie is better quality. A good second choice option

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