OFF!  Mosquito Coil

OFF! Mosquito Coil

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Small Radius These coils definitely work! But the radius is pretty small. If you're planning on staying at a table or in another smaller area, they're a great choice, but they won't cover a whole backyard. If you have A LOT of mosquitos, like I do, you'll notice there are fewer, but they won't keep them all at bay (will anything?)

Didn't work Didn't really work. We even bought several but didn't notice a difference.

Skeptical - proven wrong I was skeptical but this product really helped us. We live in the middle of nowhere but we also have a lot of family gatherings. Mosquitos are the worst, so when we came across this product we decided to try it and it really worked. Mosquitos were still around but this coil helped keep them from being on everything and everyone in the area.

Didn't work We tried placing this in different areas of our deck and even under the table. Did not help at all.

Off Mosquito Coils I used to use these quite a bit, but have found where I live now they don't really help much, because the mosquitos are huge and many in numbers to many for these small things. I like them, but just don't really love them

Doesn't work to keep the mosquitoes away. I haven't purchased these mosquito coils in awhile, because when I have bought them, they never work to keep the mosquitoes away from me. I welt up really bad after getting bitten & honestly nothing I have tried so far has worked, to keep them away from either me or our deck. The smoke circles around for a bit, usually just making me cough, but these pests still get through & bite away.

My safety valve Love this keeps me safe and well wespeicallyw hen I am out int he yard and on my rocks the protection I need and want,.

It does work Tried this item out of curiosity and it did work. I put 2 could on my back porch and it seemed to keep away mosquitos. My porch isn't to big and it's screened in however for a porch or some place not screened in may take a few extra coils.

Keeps Mosquitos at Bay I think these work great. I didnt like having to worry about kids running around with this lit as they could gave knocked over. But it really does keep the mosquitos at bay.

These really work I used one n it kept the bugs away

No more mosquitoes I used these last night on my balcony. I was sceptical, but greatly surprised how well they worked. They covered a large area and lasted for hours. Not one bite on any of us Will be buying these from now on.

OFF Mosquito Spray Didn't do any good at all. Do not buy as you will be wasting your money

Works good considering you can't leave are house without eating or inhaling mosquitoes

I use it when camping it works. I love to use when out side on deck it works i have never been bite sense i used this product.

These unfortunately do not work worth a darn!