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  • tjs68111 By  tjs68111    

    Very Discreet & Less waste!

    When I was menstruating I always used O.B. tampons because there is less waste than the other brands! They were easier to keep in my purse or even in my pocket for when I was out in public which imo makes them more discreet too.

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  • Lcjones0519 By  Lcjones0519    

    Not for heavy flow

    I rarely give a bad review but I cannot stress enough that I dislike these to the point that I would never recommend them. I have a medium to heavy flow and they are not reliable at all and a huge mess. I know that these don?t have a applicator but they are just small and literally last me a few minutes. I don?t think I would trust them enough to wear for a light flow either. I could see maybe someone just starting their period and using these but if they have to be out and about for awhile and have over a moderate flow I just wouldn?t recommend them to save any embarrassing mishaps.

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  • kugrad2005 By  kugrad2005    

    Less plastic

    I like that it comes with less plastic and its just as comfortable as other tampons

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  • designgirl97 By  designgirl97    

    OB Tampon

    After trying multiple brands I keep coming back to OB. They are some of the most comfortable and absorbent tampons on the market. I appreciate that they come in a wide variety of sizes. They are discreet to keep inside of your pocket. I also like that they are not using wasteful plastic in their product.

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  • klassic By  klassic    

    No Pinching

    These are very convenient. Easy to use no applicator is really nice. No need for a plastic insert piece potentially pinching me. Comes in various sizes too.

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  • tripichick By  tripichick    

    i have no uterus.

    i vaguely remember these were a big deal because we didn't need to rape the earth mother for petroleum for lasic applicators.

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  • Bibischli By  Bibischli    

    Best tampons

    I can always count on OBs. Much better quality than than Other brands. Better absorbance, stays in place as well.

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  • Laura9 By  Laura9    

    Not great, but more environmentally friendly

    I don't care for these tampons at all. I find them very uncomfortable and difficult to insert. I do, however, like that they seem to be more environmentally friendly than some alternatives since they do not include a plastic or cardboard applicator.

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  • Kascey83 By  Kascey83    

    No applicator no problem

    I love these tampons! They are so easy to take on the go and I dont have to try to find a trash bin or likewise to dispose of an applicator.

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  • Tmcgill By  Tmcgill    

    Not at its best

    The fact that they lack a string was enough for me to never purchase these, however my niece did and she did not like the way they made her feel, uncomfortable, paranoid.

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  • AnonymousUser By  AnonymousUser    

    I really like that they don't have a plastic applicator which makes them better for the environment, but they are hard to insert and don't seem to fit well. If they were easier for me to use, I would choose these over other brands since they have no plastic applicator and they are small and discrete.

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  • joesgirl96 By  joesgirl96    

    I like that they are better for the environment since they don't have an applicator and have a smaller sized box and are very discreet. they are also absorbent

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  • Camilley0 By  Camilley0    

    Best tampons!

    Best tampon ever. Love the fact that there is no applicator (useless landfill garbage). I have never had any problems with these. They stay in place, come in a variety of sizes, and are very discreet. I can not see how anyone could use another tampon. I am super active. I run everyday, lift weights, ski, golf, anything active. I also have a physical labor job (work with 11 men (read: no ladies) this tampon is great. I can hide it in my bra too if I am lacking on pockets.

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  • sykick By  sykick    

    Too pricey, but they work fine

    I've used these many times over the years and don't mind the lack of applicator, considering they work just as well as any other brand. What I do have an issue with is the fact they cost just as much, or more, than tampons that do have applicators. While the lack of applicators is better for the environment, the cost markup isn't worth it, especially when you're on a budget.

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  • Nicoleslayer By  Nicoleslayer    

    I didn't like these ob tampons. They didn't feel comfortable at all and I don't like the application either. I'd rather use pads than these. I guess some women might like them but I'm not one of them.

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