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  • Misty22 By  Misty22    


    I lovvveee this color and OPI is my all time Favorite brand in nail polish. Perfect color for Christmas season

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  • berryartsandphotography By  berryartsandphotography    

    Wonderful Shade!

    O.P.I. Nail Laquer "I'm Not Really A Waitress" is a sexy red shade that I use year round. Perfect for date nights, Valentine's Day, Christmas, and anytime you want to stand out! The quality that O.P.I provides is above and beyond and is one of my top favorite brands for nail polishes. Excellent pigment and coverage. Lasts up to a week but can chip with extreme activity.

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  • myrickb By  myrickb    

    GORGEOUS color!!! Absolutely LOVE it! Perfect for the holidays.

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  • Bettercustomeru By  Bettercustomeru    

    Come ON

    A CLASSIC!!! I ADORE THIS DEEP RED WITH A BIT OF SPARKLE. Perfect for Toes... Perfect For Christmas!!!

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  • mrschadwick By  mrschadwick    

    A Classic OPI color! Great for anytime of the year! I work out at a spa and this is one of our top colors great when you want a color that will match anything!

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  • shannonmdavis72912 By  shannonmdavis72912    

    Perfect color for winter months. Love.

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  • mtidey By  mtidey    

    This is by far my favorite brand of nail polish. This product lasts longer than other store products.

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  • heartinwv95 By  heartinwv95    

    This is my favorite nail polish. I have it on my toes and fingers right now (and I rarely paint my nails, but this polish begs the opportunity whenever I have it out) and they look fantastic. It's quite resilient and goes on thick, so I only have to put one coat on for an even, vibrant color.

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  • Jrahman0716 By  Jrahman0716    

    Whenever I think that all nail polishes are the same, OPI always reminds me that there is a difference. OPI means quality-- rich and long lasting colors in a vibrant variety of shades. The polishes go on smooth and leave a beautiful finish. Great colors and really an awesome product!

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  • Lauripita By  Lauripita    

    I'm not really a waitress. ....I bought this as a gag, because, I do waitress on a voluntary basis at a local resturant twice a month that hosts veterans dinners. What started out as a gag turned out to be one of the best nail polishes I ever used. The color is a deep rich almost maroon, with incredible shine. Easy to apply, one coat covers pretty well, quick to dry. As far as wearing power, it is the same as most polishes, for me, if I can get five days it is a lot. I am not blaming the product, I guess nail polish just does not stay on for me very well.

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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    I've been using this color for the holidays almost for 4 years. I absolutely love it.

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  • Kay3131 By  Kay3131    

    I love this color! Have been using it for years and so, so good.

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  • ohjordanlyn By  ohjordanlyn    

    I normally have excellent experiences with O.P.I products. This one was a bit more of a challenge than the others. The product started chipping on Sunday when it was only applied on Thursday. Normally it takes longer for their products to chip for me so that was a huge bummer. The color is great though both for the work place and outside of it. I've gotten many complements on the polish despite the chipping hence the high rating. It's not huge flakes or anything, it's small, but noticeable to me.

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