Nylabone Puppy starter kit

Nylabone Puppy starter kit

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A bust My Pomeranian has no interest in these. I had a Corgi a few years ago that wouldn't either. I wanted something that would keep my Pom occupied but, unfortunately, this wasn't the answer. They're not very digestible anyway so it's just as well.

Not the pups fav... My puppy wasn't too impressed. These kept him occupied for less than 5 minutes before he switched to a ball to play/chew on.

Our dog loves the nylabone but didn't think much of the plastic ones.

These bones are super hard my puppy acted like she wanted to like them but would pick up and drop it back down. She loves chewing on things and has several bones. But these are not even close.

Got this for when my dogs were puppies. They quickly ate the edible one, wouldn't touch the white one, and barely touch the other one. Probably for the best since these are not digestible.

my maltese puppy loves her nylabon ! She loves the size,which is great for smaller dogs and that they have a great flavors

My puppy seem to like all of the bones but the white one. I feel it could just be over it being rubber she did not like it . I feel they might not have flavor to them so she dose not like them. we have had labs in the past that did not care for them. we foster puppys also and none of the puppys like the one. I would buy again for the other two in the package.

Highly recommend these! Our Bichon puppy loved these Nylabones. It kept him interested and occupied for a while when he was younger. Not much kept his attention so these were prefect.

These are awesome! I keep my dog occupied with these all the time. He likes to chew on things because he is teething and these really do the job.

Great chew toy for a teething pup 4 mos +!

I have 2 dogs, a pug (5yrs) and a rottie mix (4yrs) . Both of them love these bones and they don't leave a mess and are easy to clean!

Love these bones from your puppy starter kit. My German Shepherd puppy Gunnar chews on them all day! Great for teething puppies!