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  • Philly_Girl By  Philly_Girl    

    Very thin and yummy

    These are very good ginger snaps. You have to be careful with eating them because before you know it, you've eaten way too many due to them being thin.

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  • snugarbear By  snugarbear    

    Delicious and addictive

    These are the best cookies. They have just the right amount of spice. They are thin and crispy and very addictive! Love these and buy them every year around the holidays.

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  • guavagirl By  guavagirl    

    Swedish Christmas cookies

    Real Swedish pepparkakor, the authentic ingredients. Crispy and just a little spicy. Huge canister is a bonus because you will eat a lot!

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  • Steelersfan By  Steelersfan    

    These are the absolute best gingersnap cookies you will ever eat. I was never a gingersnap fan until I had these. They are light and crisp with a wonderful ginger flavor. They are perfect as they are but pair great with a creamy pumpkin dip or cup of coffee. They melt in your mouth. The best place to find they is at World Market. They make a great give for teachers, co-workers, or anyone you want to make feel special.

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