Nuwave Oven

Nuwave Oven

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This has become my go-to kitchen appliance! I have tried so many different types of cuisine I don't know where to start! I have almost totally replaced my grill with my NuWave. I have found that boneless skinless breasts "grilled" in the NuWave come out juicier, more flavorful, and more tender than any other grilling method (gas, electric, briquets, panini grill, etc). I can even make the side dish at the same time! I have made cakes and cobblers by the ton! Roasting vegetables is easy and cleaner. The one major plus in this "recession" era is the minimal use of electricity when compared to a traditional oven. And it's larger size makes it better than a typical toaster oven. You won't be heating up the entire house when you use this in the warmer months. You do need to experiment with your recipes to get them just right for the NuWave. Not so much ingredients, but time. The NuWave cooks faster than a traditional oven so you need to watch closer untl you learn how to adjust time accordingly. The only other drawback is it's size. You need some kitchen real estate to store this one.

Can't live without my nuwave oven.. Cooks just about everything. Great for summer when you don't want to heat the whole oven. Makes the best fish. Easy to use, and dishwasher safe.