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  • Quiet2468 By  Quiet2468    

    Great blender

    I?ve had it for years and it makes the best smoothies and I even make my own ketchup and other condiments.

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  • california313 By  california313    

    I wish it's bigger size and easier to clean

    I like this product but sometimes it leaks and make a mess. Also, I like the size to be a little bigger.

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  • nanaknows420 By  nanaknows420    

    Easy to use and very practical

    I wouldn't change my nutribullet for any other blender or brand, it always gets the job done and it does it well. I love that you can use the top as a cup after your done blending your smoothies.

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  • alpurrt By  alpurrt    


    I love this blender! I also own a Ninja blender that I love as well, but I end up using this one far more often. I don't tend to need a big blender when I tend to use it for single serving things, especially smoothies and protein shakes. Not to mention the smaller size doesn't clutter up my counter.

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  • CierraLynn By  CierraLynn    

    Broke after a year of daily use

    It worked great while it lasted! I had mine for exactly a year and then the motor died. I did use it every single day, though. Still, I feel that it should have lasted longer for the price.

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  • candycayne15 By  candycayne15    

    Love-love-love it!!

    My boyfriend and I were on a downward spiral with our health habits, gaining weight in the form of rolls due to eating out at greasy diners and laying around all day. We new we needed a change so we decided to start working out and eating healthier, part of that process involved buying a NutriBullet so we could make breakfast smoothies and protein shakes for after workouts. The NutriBullet has worked so well for us and it is so convenient with its single serving blending containers. 10/10 I highly recommend purchasing the NutriBullet.

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  • crosbymommy By  crosbymommy    

    2nd Nurti Bullet

    We are on our second Nurti Bullet- The first one the blades on the chopper got loose and the Nutri Bullet wouldn't work properly. The seal also began to leak and caused a mess everytime we used it. I did have the first one for 2 years. I purchased a second one and it has been great. No leaking or loose blades. I would suggest to always have enough liquid and to never fill above the max line on the cup.

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  • Abbeyrosewest By  Abbeyrosewest    


    My husband's vegan Aunt got this for us as an anniversary present. I think she is trying to tell us we're fat and need to eat our greens. Or at least drink them. Mainly I use it to make milkshakes and Dutch Babies.

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  • joy3blue By  joy3blue    

    I cannot say enough positives about this item! I use it every morning for smoothies and it has been working steadily for over a year. My husband does occasionally squirt silicon spray on the little white rubber parts on the base. The base is hard to clean but the rest is a snap to take apart and get clean. My best advice for smoothies is to be sure you have extra liquid in your mix when you have a lot of frozen fruit. :)

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  • soreta By  soreta    

    more than amazing since i got it i use it for every thing smoothie grind coffee spices even grains i grind oats to make flour in one minute

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  • Trotter1 By  Trotter1    

    I love my bullet only issues is that it becomes hard to push the cup into place due to being made from plastic would like to see the company up grade there product

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  • alimitoducks By  alimitoducks    

    We bought this nutriBullet Christmas 2014. And I'm sooo glad we did!! This thing works great. It crushes ice way better than a blender and makes great smoothies. It's convenient that when you mix something its already in the cup. Just stick the lid on and go! Crushes Oreos and nuts great for toppings and milkshakes.

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  • cranderson76 By  cranderson76    

    I have had my nutribullet for a couple of years now. I love it. It is great for smoothies, dressings, sauces, and even soups. I have used it so much that it is now time to replace the blade which I can do for $20. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. It's very easy to use and clean. I even use nuts in my smoothies and you don't get any chunks at all. It totally pulverizes anything you put in. Great product.

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  • dmp515 By  dmp515    

    This little machine is a powerhouse! We use the nutribullet everyday....and most more than once! It gets used hard and is lasting much longer than I anticipated it would. My daughter will be moving to a home of her own in the fall....and guess what she is getting for a house warming gift. Her own Nutribullet!!

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  • jenulrigg By  jenulrigg    

    This makes the perfect smoothies and shakes. I got this when my daughter first started to eat solids. I made all of her baby foods myself and this blended them perfectly. It also works great to blend up protein shakes.

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