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  • MayWww By  MayWww    

    Best chocolate spread

    No need to say more, it is chocolate, PLUS hazelnut!! It is so delicious and I love to use it not only for bread topping but for cooking! I make croissant with Nutella fillings and I make cookies with Nutella center! YUM!!

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  • icedteaandsunshine By  icedteaandsunshine    

    Amazing!! It goes well with anything! It is good with toasts, ice creams, brownies, cakes, avocado, oats! I love the hazelnut taste, although it can be too sweet at times. Add to your own liking and it can make your dessert or sweet meals nicer!

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  • Siempre By  Siempre    

    i have been using it sine last five and it the best one with really good taste

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  • Verotechno By  Verotechno    

    Cheat day snack

    This our go to cheat snack. We take some nutella and biscotti cookies and make it a cheat day snack. We love the nutty flavor of nutella and the sweetness of the chocolate. Yum

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  • gooberfine33914 By  gooberfine33914    

    Love It!!

    I grew up with Nutella. It is my favorite. You can add it to anything. Make a Nutella sandwich, put on top of waffles/pancakes, put inside crepes, make hazelnut ice cream with it. The choices are endless.

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  • Samples4Rosa By  Samples4Rosa    

    Nutella spread

    I love Nutella Hazelnut Spread! I like to pour it over bananas and spread it between saltine crackers. The mix of saltiness and sweetness is so good!

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  • Jaxmom3 By  Jaxmom3    

    If you have not tried Nutella I would definitely recommend!! You can put this on everything and it's even great right out of the jar!!

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  • jenrenh By  jenrenh    


    Love Nutella and put it on everything! Best spread since peanut butter. It is also great to use in recipes. Definitely recommend this to anyone who has not tried it!

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