Not Just Another Pretty Vase

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Not Just Another Pretty Vase

Designer and entrepreneur Jill Stern has a fresh idea for fresh cut flowers: a foldable, reusable vase that’s as green as its contents. Called Jill-able, these clever flower holders are easy to transport and a snap to use. Just add water to create a sturdy vase, and simply collapse it when it’s not in use. The vases store flat in a drawer, taking up no more room than an envelope. The Jill-able vases are made from recycled plastic, so they’re both earth-friendly and a real space saver. We love the brightly colored patterns that have a modern, sunny vibe.

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Perfect for gifting and reusing, the Jill-able vase is a nice way to share flowers with a friend without adding to their clutter. It’s a particularly thoughtful choice for small apartments, kid-busy homes, classrooms, or hospital rooms. Keep a few for yourself, too, to showcase special cuttings from your own garden.

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  • sherrybaby By sherrybaby

    Wow! Wouldn't have ever thought of this. Cute idea for gifts.

  • Pansey By Pansey

    I like this idea. It's to hard to find room sometimes.

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