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  • Eirini By  Eirini    

    I am seeing that brand quite often here in Greece and it really looks very nice!

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  • cblondee By  cblondee    

    Everyone of my family members have one of these jackets..They are made of amazing quality that will last a long time..They are a little expensive but worth the money.

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  • mollyelizabeth By  mollyelizabeth    

    Northface is AMAZING. Growing up in Wisconsin, we always had cozy Northface jackets to get us through winter. Now living in the south, my Northface denali is perfect for our "winters". The quality of their products are well worth the money you spend on them. Plus they have a great warranty on their products.

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  • BamaGirl71 By  BamaGirl71    

    Well worth the price. Holds up very well and are great for keeping you warm through the winter months. My child loves hers and would sleep in it if I let her.

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  • katfos By  katfos    

    Great jackets. My whole family owns at least one a piece. They are a little more expensive but great quality and they last for years!

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  • Meganelewin By  Meganelewin    

    I absolutely love north face jackets! I own 3 and want another! This is a great product and I definitely recommend you to try it!

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  • smartsororitygirl By  smartsororitygirl    

    Warm jackets and last forever. I have a few fleeces, large down jacket and rain jacket all of which have lasted me over a few years which is saying something the way I tend to take care of jackets!

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  • aylaka24 By  aylaka24    

    I have worn my North Face jacket 2 years in a row in place of a coat, in northern Indiana winters and stayed perfectly warm. They are a bit pricy, however for their quality and how wonderfully they work, its worth it!

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  • cbibbo16 By  cbibbo16    

    always baught north faces for my whole family in the cold winter months never a complaint of im cold

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  • BriaLouise By  BriaLouise    

    Northface is a great quality brand that has durable long lasting coats. I have a Northface windbreaker and it is great for outdoors, outdoor sports, windy and rainy weather. My coat is still in perfect condition.

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  • JuliaNicole By  JuliaNicole    

    Great for winter time because of how cozy and durable all their products are!

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  • wittes02 By  wittes02    

    Love this coat! Keeps me warm and cozy on the coldest days. I am cold natured so this coat is perfect!

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