North Carolina Schools Say 'No More Selfies'

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Dec 06, 2014

Teens have become accustomed to documenting every moment of their lives via selfies and social media updates. With their smartphones at the ready, any encounter can be burned into history with a snap of the camera. But when it comes striking a pose at school one North Carolina district says the days of snapping selfies in the halls is over.

News Observer reports about Wake County’s move to ban students from taking selfies or any photos or videos with their phones on school premises. The new technology policy explicitly states that students are prohibited “from taking pictures or videos with any device unless directed by a teacher.”

The policy hopes to put the kibosh on inappropriate and offensive photos being taken and sent from schools in the district. But as one can imagine, making the rule to ban selfies is one thing and being able to enforce the ban seems next to impossible. School board member and chairman of the policy committee Jim Martin understands that the ban will not be easy to enforce when kids are using their smartphones at school all the time. Martin says, ““I don’t think we can say you can’t take pictures with your personal phone. Kids are taking selfies in the lunchroom all the time.”

School board member Bill Fletcher also has issues with the photo ban explaining how camera phone use can sometimes be helpful in a school setting. He points out that districts often utilize photos or videos students take of fights to find out what happened. But others, like deputy superintendent Cathy Moore see the downside pointing out that photos and videos of fights often gets posted to social media sites inciting a negative kind of voyeurism.

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