Norpro Wonder Cup Adjustable Measuring Cup

Norpro Wonder Cup Adjustable Measuring Cup

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Great for peanut butter and shortening. It really cleans up great.

It looks like a great product, don't have one myself but looks like its great for sticky stuff.

I have a diabetic child age 14 we use this measuring cup all the time. He measures his cereal on one side and his milk on the other. Made cookies with this once and awesome for getting all the butter and peanut butter out of the measureing cup.

I always lose track of my measuring cups in the kitchen, but not anymore because this tool keeps everything together and is great for measuring liquids and powders for recipes. I use these measuring cups all the time because it is easy to measure and use the amount needed. These are a must for any recipe and great for the kitchen.

I don't have this brand adjustable measuring cup, but I've used others before, and I must say that I love them. Great for measuring liquids and dry ingredients. It's best for sticky ingredients like corn syrup, honey, peanut butter, etc.

simple idea; works well for most measures; some ingredients are harder to get out than others

This measuring cup is extremely versatile. You don't know you need it until you try it and then you can't get along without it.

I love this measuring cup mostly to measure out butter , peanutbutter, shortening, and anything else that is sticky and tough to get out. I love to bake and this is a staple in my kitchen. Comes apart for easy cleaning too!

My kids really like using this product and use it whenever they can, especailly when they make peanut butter cookies. it is so easy to use and clean!

Since peanut butter is one of my favorite baking ingredients, this is a must have for me. Cleans up easy in the dishwasher!

I bought this, but wasn't blown away by it, i would rather stick of my convention measuring utensils.

I have a measuring cup very similar to this one, I thought it would be great and save room in my cabinets. Nope, I hated using it! The bottom would move as I tried to fill it and it seemed like some of my food would get left behind in the cup. I went back to using my old measuring cups and haven't looked back.

Measuring peanut butter, brown sugar or shortening is a breeze. You fill it up to the brim, then push out the contents. Comes apart for easy cleaning in the dishwasher.