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  • candycayne15 By  candycayne15    

    Great Product!

    The NordicWare Stainless Steel Cake Lifter has made it so much easier for me to bake great cakes for birthday parties and other events. I used to have so much trouble with my cakes falling apart when I tried to layer them but now with this cake lifter it's no problem. I highly recommend buying this product.

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  • tyelverton By  tyelverton    

    I do a lot of baking and use this often. I previously had a cake lifter that was made by a celebrity chef and it was so flimsy. This one has great weight to it and I don't worry about the cake falling off.

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  • BethBakes By  BethBakes    

    If you do a lot of baking and torting your cakes to make thinner layers, especially cakes that are 9" or more this is a valuable tool to have. It saves you the heartache of having a layer break apart add you try to set it on the layer before it.

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  • CoachAD By  CoachAD    

    I do not celebrate a holiday without my NordicWare Cake Lifter. It has been a tremendous help with all my cake baking. It's 10" surface is large enough to help me lift my 12" cakes. If I use 2, I can even negotiate a 16" cake.

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