Noosa Yoghurt

Noosa Yoghurt

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Yogurt inedible. I BELIEVE THAT I HAD ONE NOOSA WHEN IT FIRST STARTED, IT WAS DIVINE AND I HOPED THAT IT WILL NOT HAVE THE SAME FATE AS YPLAY: GOOD AT THE BEGINNING, COMPLETELY INEDIBLE TODAY. WELL I WAS WRONG. I witnessed Noosa going down year after year to the point where I could not tolerate the third spoon. and had to throw it away. I know that today, i trashed my favorite Noosa flavor which is Peach and it will be my last purchase ever. Sad to see how business is done these days: Pure taste manipulation and lies. I understand that these people cannot get quality products, but if you r quality has decreased for whatever reason, why is your prices increasing ? So greed is what will bring you down at the end of the day. Adios forever. You've seen my last penny.

Love this yogurt, taste great! My kids love it for snacks

FLAN YOGURT BEST yogurt I've ever tasted! It's like eating a dessert. The texture and taste are amazing. I described it as a FLAN YOGURT!

Hands down my FAVORITE Seriously the best yogurt on the market!! I eat this if I'm in the mood for a decadent dessert!! Sugar content is high but omg such a lovely guilty pleasure!! The lemon one with fresh blueberries on top is to die for!!

Such a luscious treat This yogurt is absolutely incredible. So, so, so good. I don't eat it as my daily yogurt because the calorie/protein ratio is not what I prefer (I need higher protein content, which I get from plain Greek yogurt or cottage cheese), but it's an amazing treat. So creamy and luscious! The coconut flavor is some of the best yogurt I've EVER had in my life. I also loved the blackberry serrano flavor when I tried it recently!

Best coconut yogurt made I really like coconut yogurt and was looking for an alternative to the pricey Liberte when I found this. I like it much better than Liberte, both for flavor, amount you get and cost! So creamy! It tastes like a dessert and the lid makes it easy to only eat what you want and save the rest for later. Highly recommend!

Pretty good for a yogurt . First time I tried it was last year sometime

So Good! This yogurt is so creamy! It tastes more like dessert than lunch. I don't usually like stir in yogurt, but these are so good. Their yogurt is a little pricey, but it's definitely worth it, and they frequently go on sale. The pumpkin flavor is my favorite, and I highly recommend it.

I flipped my lid for Noosa I love Yogurt and Noosa is delicious. I actually thought I was eating dessert and that is when I would recommend you eat it. The packaging is 8oz but it looks and feels like you get to eat so much more. The Key Lime flavor tastes authentic. Noosa is high in protein and in fat but its a great alternative to Greek Yogurt and much less tart. I cant wait to try other flavors!

I first found this amazing yogurt in The Whole Foods store in Nashville. I LOVED was strawberry rhubarb, which was very cool to find ! I live in upstate New York, so never thought I would have the opportunity to enjoy this product again. Then , to my surprise, there it was ~in Wegman's and now Target carries it as well! I buy it in every flavor, every week. It is just so delicious! Do yourself a favor and try to find this very flavorful, perfectly textured product! There is simply no comparison!!!

I am a diabetic who loves yoghurt and who never developed a taste for artifical sweetners so I had to give up my beloved yoghurt due to too many carbs vs. protein. And greek yoghurt was never an option in my book. In short - my happy life of creamy snacks or lunches disappeared before my eyes. Until that is I discovered the sample lady at the grocery store one day offering up a new yoghurt. When she told me it was greek yoghurt I said no thank you knowing that I would not like this at all since I had never liked the sourness of greek yoghurt. But she persisted - gently nudging me toward trying a sample as she sat with a knowing smile upon her face. She agreed with me as she prepared it that greek yoghurt tasted awful - but that this one... this was different. This was something else! Boy was she right... one bite of smooth, creamy, rich and decadent, slightly sour/sweet (a mix between the two yoghurts), heavenly creation and I was hooked. It was love at first bite and I've never looked back! Every day I must get my fix of Mango Noosa - it's an obsession. Do yourself a favor... simply try one bite of Noosa - which ever flavor you'd like - and you too will become an Aussie convert! G'day and Ta for listening to my story!