No Shot Required

   By drodriguez  Sep 14, 2008

You have probably tried those handy cellophane-like strips to rid yourself of bad breath. You may have even used a medicine strip to stop a cold, but have you heard about the vaccine strip? It’s the latest idea from John Hopkins University and Aridis Pharmaceuticals.

This innovative way to inoculate, designed by biomedical-engineering students, would revolutionize the way we receive vaccinations. This is especially good news for children. The vaccine strip would eliminate the ouch factor that a standard shot produces, it’s more effective than liquid which can spill, and the easy melt away strip goes down fast. The strips, in solid form, cost less to transport and store versus a liquid vaccine too.

Aridis recently received $2 million in funding from the PATH organization via the Gates Foundation. This will help the group refine the strips and make them more effective on viruses such as the rotavirus. This is phenomenal news. The rotavirus has a fatality rate in children of about 600,000 and sickens 2.7 million children worldwide each year. Being able to administer the strip to infants and not just to children makes the vaccine strip very enticing. While further testing is needed and it will probably be about four to six years before these vaccine strips are distributed and widely used there is progress being made. Progress and a pain free vaccination in our future.

Do you think vaccine strips will take the place of other vaccines in the future? Would you use them or allow your children to take them?

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scatteredpearl by scatteredpearl | Durand, MI
Feb 27, 2008

I'm standing firmly on the fence just now. I like the fact they are taking 4 to 6 years for testing, but I want to know they are as effective or more effective and will not harm my children as well as their children.

If they are effective and safe or safer I'd be interested.

Betty2 by Betty2 | Arcadia, FL
Aug 12, 2007

I think this is a GREAT idea! I am a diabetic, and take shots every day! This would be so much better if they could come up with an insulin that could be taken with this oral strip!

I get so tired of sticking myself every day, and sometimes will *forget* to give myself the shot because of the pain of sticking myself.

I's take my insulin *religiously* if it could be dispensed with the strip!

beachbumbeth by beachbumbeth | Danville, CA
Jul 18, 2007

ugh- i hate shots! this sounds like an awesome alternative. i hope they complete the testing soon so that it becomes the new norm. if it is deemed safe and effective, i can't imagine anyone would choose the old (current) method.

kellygirl17 by kellygirl17 | Chico, CA
Jul 09, 2007

Not only is my daughter scared of shots...I am too! This would be a great alternative!

mackie80 by mackie80 | Maplewood, MN
Jun 30, 2007

This would be so terrific if it were to work! As a diabetic, the less shots I have to deal with the better! Hopefully we won't have to wait too long for this new technology. All too often the hype ends up better than the actual product when we hear about it in the developmental stages. The gluco watch and inhaled insulin are two great examples from the diabetes world.

bshaw261 by bshaw261 | eugene, OR
Jun 20, 2007

wow i cant wait for that to come out i hate shots so i give this a thumbs up.

Shelley263 by Shelley263 | GLASGOW, KY
Jun 15, 2007

This is what I have been praying for! I have the most horrific fear of's bad! Even as an adult, I can't handle much as I tell myself it's all in my head...when the reality is there is real and it's fight and flight all the way! I was behind the nasal spray and I am behind this one too!!!!!

famos4 by famos4 | Ranson, WV
Jun 13, 2007

These strips would be a Godsend! I just had to hold down my youngest for her last round of shots in her thighs....Not a pretty sight. She's upset with me as much as she is with the nurses that administered the shots. My kids regularly take "meltaway" type medications for allergies & pain relievers - it's a great advance to have the drug companies step up & include meltaway vaccinations for children old enough to take them. KUDOS!!!

JaxxSaxx by JaxxSaxx | national park, NJ
Jun 10, 2007


springbaby by springbaby | unsubscribe, MA
Jun 08, 2007

This would be a good idea....but I hope that all the appropriate testing has been we are not the geniune pigs to test and try.

jemminpa by jemminpa | Minersville, PA
Jun 06, 2007

Sounds good on paper. I certainly hope that testing is being done to ensure safety. As a mother of 3, I never like it when my girls need to have a needle for any reason, but my first concern is--how safe is it? Too many times we see the FDA pulling medications from the shelves because of terrible side effects. Unfortunately, testing can take up to 10 years to make sure it is safe for public use after human trials are done. For some reason, the pharmaceutical companies seem to get their drugs pushed through, and we end up with serious consequences because of their shortcuts. All in all, it is a great idea, but please safety first!

lindawall by lindawall | Colulmbia, TN
Jun 06, 2007

I think this is one of the greatest ideas that has come along in a really long time. I always hated taking my kids to get shots. Also it can be very expensive this should help with that (I like that part). Now does this go into the blood stream or through the digestive system? That could make a difference as to how it works! I am sure the doctors are up on all that. Also, how about what it will save as far as disposal of medical waste. Thank you to who ever came up with this.

OMG_its_Jacqui_x by OMG_its_Jacqui_x | Lafayette, IN
Jun 05, 2007

That's extraordinary. When I was a young child, I never liked getting shots. I was always so scared of needles. When I have children, I hope that the doctors may use these instead of needles.

sativar by sativar | greenacres, WA
Jun 05, 2007

that would be cool no more shots for my son.