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  • Erin406 By  Erin406    

    A Simple, Delicious Brownie Mix

    I love this brownie mix! All you need is yogurt on hand and you can make these. They are easy, one-bowl and taste good and fudgey. They also don't have "junk" ingredients. I'd recommend these to try. Simple and good.

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  • TonyaK By  TonyaK    

    They are amazing and super easy to make! Just mix in one ingredient and bake! I love them

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  • anwoods1227 By  anwoods1227    

    Yummy and they don't taste pudge free. They are a little pricey but the great taste makes up for the price..

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  • LifeAFanOf By  LifeAFanOf    

    If you are a baker and know your sweets, then you know when you take the fat out of a dessert, the flavor changes drastically. I tried this a while ago to make for a diabetic. I as reluctant to try it but found it tasted really delicious. It's not as heavy as a regular brownie and that is what I love. It makes me feel like I can have another piece... :)

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  • klafave By  klafave    

    I must say when i first heard about this product at a weight watchers meeting, i was a bit skeptical. i am a chocolate fanatic ( probably what caused my need for Ww). and most "diet chocolate" is terrible. But these are fantastic. i made them the first time without telling my family what they were. my husband and son devoured them all. I will always but these ( when i can find them not many stores carry them. thanks for a delicious diet food.

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  • missinmia By  missinmia    

    These brownies are a fantastic alternative to regular brownies. Directions are clear and very easy to make a whole batch or even a single serving. They are rich, chewy, and have a classic brownie flavor.

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  • LinetteF By  LinetteF    

    These are wonderful and I enjoy all flavors. Yes, they are costly but do what I did, ask the manufacture for coupons. They sent me $1.00 off coupons and it took the sting off the price point. They never expire and they were very generous with the amount they sent.

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  • Amandal89 By  Amandal89    

    I bought this product on a whim after using nutrisystem I was nervous to try it because all you needed to add was yogurt but these brownies are amazing they taste like regular brownies and are the same consistancy only you don't have to feel as guilty eating them. They are a little pricey but they are well worth the price they come in variety and are super easy to make. I definately recomend these to anyone who enjoys brownies give it a try !

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  • wardrobegirl By  wardrobegirl    

    I chose this product to make for a family members birthday when he was on a diet. I was so hesitant on how they would taste I bought a back up brownie mix I knew I liked just in case. I was pleasantly surprised. These brownies tasted great, they have a great "brownie-like" consistency, they do get the chewy edges (which is my favorite part) like a regular brownie and I would buy them again if I had the same necessity arise. They are a little pricey, but if it makes a guest of honor not feel like he/she is missing out on a treat for their birthday, it is worth the extra money.

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  • mm9090 By  mm9090    

    We really enjoy these brownies. They are moist. The downside is they are costly. It would be nice to have them in a reduced sugar variety

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  • annie333 By  annie333    

    So easy and so delicious! Love them!

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  • nolimelegere By  nolimelegere    

    Fantastic! Reminds me of the brownies that used to come in TV dinners...I think I like these better than "normal" brownies!

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  • kgoldmith1023 By  kgoldmith1023    

    yummy...but costly, I only make them for special occasions

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  • palegreen By  palegreen    

    The only thing missing with these brownies is the flaky top crust. Fortunately, a bit of raspberry sorbet solves this problem while adding another layer of awesome. Love it.

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  • crbc By  crbc    

    I use to like them but tried them again recently and as sassysami says, they are too sugary. I bet if you took another brand of brownies and just mixed them with yogurt they would be the same or better.

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