No Pay, No Vacations, Brutally Long Hours? Who Would Apply For This Job?

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 04.16.14
No Pay, No Vacations, Brutally Long Hours?  Who Would Apply For This Job?

What if you were to apply for a job that came with requirements like standing most of the time, no vacations, extra work on holidays, and absolutely no pay? That’s what a few unsuspecting job hunters recently did.

Ad Week reports about the reactions of twenty-four people who responded to an ad for a job described as “working from 135 to unlimited hours per week.”  A Boston agency had posted a listing for a company called Rethom Inc. (mother spelled backwards if you didn’t get that right away) to interview applicants seeking the position.

The unsuspecting applicants are slowly clued in to some of the impossibly demanding requirements as they are interviewed via webcam. Applicants are told things like they will constantly be exerting themselves, staying up with their associate through the night on occasion, all without any real pay (“pro bono" as the interviewer calls it). But he does assure applicants that working with the associate will feel very rewarding even though they will not be compensated monetarily.

Their reactions are of disbelief - that is of course until the interviewer lets them in on the joke, that he is actually just listing the job requirements of being a Mom. The applicants then get a little misty eyed, vowing to call their Moms and talking about what a thankless and important job their own Moms do.

There is then the big reveal from American Greetings urging all of us to make our Moms a card this year for Mother’s Day. If you’re the type to cry from greeting card commercials, this one just might get you.




 What did you think of this American Greetings ad?


Do you think the “job requirements” for being a mom were pretty accurate?





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  • kfraccio By kfraccio

    Most Moms don't win awards or get any kind of recognition. They just love their children and hope that they succeed in life. And they wouldn't have it any other way

  • Parrothead By Parrothead

    Love it - makes me cry every time!

  • Kay3131 By Kay3131

    As the saying goes... "every Mom is a working Mom." Congratulations and Happy Mother's Day to All!

  • moot0009 By moot0009

    Love this.

  • SusanHN By SusanHN

    So sweet.

  • msfriendly By msfriendly

    So true!

  • didama By didama

    Great to see hard working moms get a shout out.

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