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  • ShellM4 By  ShellM4    

    Got a free one to help my husband stop smoking, he said taste was not bad and it was helping but when it ran out he decided to try BLU and said it is a lot better.

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  • foreverandalwaysash By  foreverandalwaysash    

    This Product is terrible. They have the right concept but overall it's not a good product. I would suggest a Ego C-twist or a Mod like mine that is a Mini Z max. You spend way less money over all by buying the refillable kind and also the ones that you can re charge! do not buy the disposable's! They are a waste of money.

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  • pcdouglas30 By  pcdouglas30    

    I have tried this product and they are horrible. Glad I didnt buy this product. If you want an e-cigarette, try green smoke. the offer more flavor and pull.

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  • krisemma By  krisemma    

    Anyone trying to quit smoking? Well if you are I highly suggest getting in on the new wave of quiting smoking with the Njoy electronic cigarette. It has the nicotine that you crave with none of the tar, tobacco and additives that are so unhealthy for you. This product is amazing and uses vapor and nicotine to produce a smoke and sensation that of the draw that simulates smoking but is sooo much healthier for you. ALso since it is just vapor, there is no horrific smell...as a matter of fact there is no smell at all, and no discoloring of teeth. So if you are trying to quit smoking I highly recommended this electronic cig. I have not smoked a real cig in 3 days and dont even miss it!!! wahhhh hoooo

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