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  • gmoney1951 By  gmoney1951    

    great product and it works

    Rich and thick and I really like how it quickly absorbs into my skin. Does greagt things for dry skin

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  • KriSmo6 By  KriSmo6    

    Hydration for days

    Very thick, creamy formula. Skin left feeling radiant and hydrated unlike most body washes I have tried. I moisturize after every shower, however I feel like I could have skipped it with this formula

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  • MayWww By  MayWww    

    This is a good body wash, I like the smell and the texture of it. It leaves the skin very silky and moist for a long time after the shower, which is not something you can find with most of the body washes.

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  • gkhanch By  gkhanch    

    Nivea for ever

    Nivea is the most trustworthy brand which has been there for a long time and is tailored to suit each individual's needs. Nobody can go wrong with this brand. It has nice fragrance, provides effective moisturization and skin-benefits.

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  • CitrusSkin By  CitrusSkin    

    Very hydrating!

    I love this wash! It feels great on the skin and very hydrating! I gave 4 stars and not 5 because its kind of hard to wash off, it feels like the soap takes forever to wash all the way off, i think its the glycerin in the ingredients, other than that i really like it!

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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    Nivea care & illuminate moisturizing body wash smells nice, lathers well, and gets me clean.

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  • Jessa21 By  Jessa21    

    Body wash like no other💗💗

    Since i have used this product before i could say that this is totally amazing when it comes in takinhg care of your sensetive skin. I love the scent, the smoothness of my skin and its really kept my skin shining 💗💗 One of my favorite.

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  • Adefull4255 By  Adefull4255    

    LOVE! LOVE! Love this product! It leaves my skin feeling really nice and smooth.

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  • Habladora By  Habladora    

    Smells so good

    I love this shower gel it makes my skin feel soft and smooth and it smells amazing. This page is really great for my dry skin and it makes it feel amazing.

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  • Kariganson91 By  Kariganson91    


    I really enjoyed this product! I love the product along with the price tag would def buy again

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  • michellebryan2 By  michellebryan2    


    I love this bodywash.the smell is amazing.and leaves your skin soo soft!

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  • mollyloui By  mollyloui    

    Superb Body wash

    This body wash is superb. It leaves my skin so soft and clean, but not oily. It also doesn't cause my sensitive, allergy-prone, skin out. I also like the healthy glow and sparkle it leaves on my skin.

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