Nivea  Mint and Minerals Lip Balm

Nivea Mint and Minerals Lip Balm

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I love how this product doesn't have a strong smell, the scent is simple and fresh. I've used Nivea for quite some time, and it never disappoints! I've had a few of my Nivea lip balms for over a year and they are still in tact and work perfectly. This stuff goes on smooth and leaves your lips feeling nice and soft, and from my experience has never been sticky. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a lightly scented lip balm and non irritating formula.

I like that this isn't too strong of a smell, and that it isn't tacky or thick. I works well for occasionally dry lips. I keep it in my desk drawer.

I loved this product personally. He made my lips feel like satin. Its not sticky or to thick. I felt it was an even texture on the lips. It smells great!

I like the Nivea lip balms. I tried the mint and minerals. It was good but not as thick as some of their other varieties. Personally, I felt like the "kiss of mint" went on a little thicker and lasted a little longer than the mint & minerals. However, as soon as I feel like I'm getting chapped lips this always does the trick and I never feel like there is a sticky residue left on my lips or in the corners of my mouth.

It has a nice smell true to it's name. It's not as powerful as the mint that is in the Burt's Bees by any means though. It does go on a little too thin for my taste but it feels good on and isn't sticky at all. The dispenser is a little tricky however. I found that as I was applying it, it would start to turn the bottom as I applied pressure, essentially pushing the balm back down. (annoying) I have been keeping this tube at my desk at work right under my monitor. I use it occasionally when my lips are feeling a little dry. However, twice now when I've had lips that were starting to get chapped I turned to this product and it didn't help at all! I wouldn't say it made them worse but I found myself using is constantly throughout the day and finding no relief. I am so disappointed!