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  • Juicycat By  Juicycat    

    this product is too oily sometimes

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  • Sibsib718 By  Sibsib718    

    It is to thick and greasy and it isn't for my skin, it makes my face break out. It irritates my arms and legs and body. I'm just sensitive to it so I really don't like it.

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  • Jennifer9 By  Jennifer9    

    A very heavy cream and i only use in the winter time

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  • Lilone152 By  Lilone152    

    Very moisturizing. A little goes a LONG way, as it is so thick and greasy. But, that is one reason I don't reach for this a lot. Too greasy. It smells ok, don't love or hate the smell.

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    I have super dry skin, and I use a little bit of this on my face after I shower and in the morning if my skin is feeling tight. It is a little greasy looking, so I do have to put powder on my face, but if you let it sit for a few minutes before applying makeup, it's not too bad.

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  • onenac By  onenac    

    My fav and smells so good

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  • ilovemydogmorethanyou By  ilovemydogmorethanyou    

    The best moisturizer for very dry skin, however it is very thick. I mostly used it on my hands, feet, and elbows when they got dry. I bought the little trial tins and kept one at work and in my car, instant solution for dry hands.

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  • beauty4free2u By  beauty4free2u    

    This cream is my all time favorite and I use it since 30 years. I always have it in my drawer and I use in in the morning and also in the night. You have to figure out, how to use it. I have combination skin and this product is very thick and not easy to put on. I use it only on my eye area. I take a tiny amount out of it and rub it with my fingers until it is like a lotion and then apply it. Works wonders on my dry eye area. Love the smell also- like a baby cream. Clean, soft and fresh.

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  • lifeaslis By  lifeaslis    

    I am obsessed with Nivea! I love their products, it leaves my skin so smooth and shiny

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  • CarmenDionne By  CarmenDionne    

    I love this cream! it makes my skin feel soft and helps with the dryness. I've been using Nivea products for quite a while.

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  • schneckedu By  schneckedu    

    i'am German so i love it right?No thats not the reasson.This is the best creme ever.i been using it for over 35 years now.nuff said :o)

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  • TLDobbs77 By  TLDobbs77    

    I love Nivea Creme, I get very dry elbows when the season change and have been trying for years to find something that would get rid of it. I have been using this about once a week with my normal lotion for about two months and haven't had any dry spots since. The only problem I have with it is that my puppy loves the smell so much he tries to eat it.

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  • kriiztii04 By  kriiztii04    

    We love this in my house! My husband got a rash on his trip to chicago from the humid heat and nivea worked like a charm and no more rash! Its the best

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  • kristinmarshall By  kristinmarshall    

    My grandmother introduced me to this cream as a little girl when I lived in Germany. She always brought it back to the States, because it was hard to find then! I absolutely love it, and use it to this day. It's kind of a multi-use cream really. You can put it on a bug bite, very dry skin, use it as an eye creme, etc. It's just amazing. It has such a light smell, too. It's thick, so a little goes a long way, but it's not greasy at all!

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  • karismits4 By  karismits4    

    I absolutey adore this creme! I've always bought expensive lotions and creams, but this one takes the cake. No too expensive. I don't use it during the day though. I use it on my hands and feet at night and put socks and gloves on. When I wake up, my skin is SO soft! I couldn't live without this stuff!

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