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  • mturner2015 By  mturner2015    

    I am extremely finicky where lotions are concerned. They're either too thin, too greasy/slimy, etc. for my liking. That is until I tried Nivea's new 48 HR moisture lotions. This product is amazing. My skin hasnt been this smooth in a very long time. The consistency is perfect, the product isnt runny or greasy. It goes on smoothly and my skin is perfection. It truly lasts for 48 hrs, although I find myself reapplying fairly often just because I love the feel of my skin afterwards. Extremely satisfied with this product.

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  • Justmissash By  Justmissash    

    I have used this several times with no complaints. It's reasonably priced, and not greasy feeling, and works good.

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  • kcdurden By  kcdurden    

    I am a 50 something female going through menopause with one of the symptoms being extremely dry skin. I have tried a number of lotions, oils and creams and so far this one is the best. It is creamy but not overly oily and it lasts for several hours before i have to re-apply. I find that I get the best result if I apply it as soon as i get out of the shower. My skin is soft and supple and I love the mild scent.

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  • sarasponda By  sarasponda    

    I have really dry skin, especially come wintertime. This lotion is nice and thick. My only complaint is that it doesn't spread that easily.

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  • scb9324 By  scb9324    

    I am in love with this lotion. It keeps my skin smooth all day long with only one application. The scent is light and airy, which is a big deal for me because I don't like lotions that smell like strong perfume. I personally like applying it after a shave.

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  • PaulaP15 By  PaulaP15    

    Not what I expected from this product. I felt it was a little greasy after using it.

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  • Danelle08 By  Danelle08    

    I love this lotion! My whole family has skin problems and can use it.

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  • brandgirl By  brandgirl    

    I hate to disagree but I thought this lotion was really greasy and left me feeling like I needed a shower after I'd put it on. I do like other Nivea products but this was definitely not one of my favorites... unless they've changed it?

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  • fostermomof5 By  fostermomof5    

    This lotion is my long time favorite and I especially like that the scent has not changed. It smells great and is rich and creamy, not watered down like some of the other products.

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