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  • Briemo By  Briemo    

    Moisturising but not greasy

    I love how soft this product makes my lips. It isn't heavy or greasy like other products. It is a great product and the brand is one I know and love. I have recommended this product to my friends in the past and I'm sure I will be doing so again.

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  • Luvabo1 By  Luvabo1    


    This brand is my favorite lip balm. I won't use anything other. My lips haven't been dry or cracked since discovering this gem. It's always in my purse.

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  • Ponce35 By  Ponce35    

    Have to try!

    Loved this product!! Left my lips so soft, I'm in love with this. My son has dry chapped lips and he really liked how well this worked.

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  • raelynnjune By  raelynnjune    

    They did it right on this one!

    Nivea's A Kiss of Smoothness is literally a kiss of smoothness on your lips. Once you use it you will never go back to your old chapstick ever again. Plus it isn't glossy so you can get whatever man you have in your life to use it too! It's a win win!

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  • Nelsonj By  Nelsonj    

    Smoothness to the next lever

    Nivea smoothness lip balm is great leaves you lip s amazingly soft is really a kissing temptation

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  • AlyReynoso By  AlyReynoso    


    This Chapstick is not a Chapstick!! It's basically heaven in a tube!! You put it on and it feels so amazing and then while its on your lips it feels like you've exfoliated and have done everything to make your lips feel so perfect but all you did was apply a little bit of this and perfect!!

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  • brekia By  brekia    

    I like this product but it could be firmer. I feel like it goes on too smooth and then I get a glob of it on and have to smooth it in and wipe some away with my finger.

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  • Judygail By  Judygail    


    I love, love, love Nivea lip balms. I clean pools and my lips are always protected against the element. And they never seems to melt in the sun. Great job Nivea!

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  • pepsijamie By  pepsijamie    

    Nivea love

    i have always had a great experience with Nivea products and this lip balm is no exception. It does exactly what is says and it does it very well. You want smooth, moist and protected lips? Lool no further.

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  • PaigePanacea By  PaigePanacea    

    This product was okay, I feel like it could be thicker but it is nice for quick moisture when needed.

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  • AlissaCOLLAZOS By  AlissaCOLLAZOS    

    I'm a huge fan of Nivea products but for some reason, the lip products don't satisfy me

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  • TWLW77 By  TWLW77    

    Leaves my lips so smooth and it lasts! Don't have to reapply over and over.

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  • notyouraverage By  notyouraverage    

    A Kiss of smoothness is literally what this Nivea product offers. I have been using this for years I just can't seem to buy any other brand when I go to the store. There are a number of reasons why I am in love with it. First of all it has a SPF 10 which is very important to me especially during the summer because I LOVE being outdoors but HATE the feeling of chapped, burned lips. Second it is a very lightweight lip care that actually moisturizes, not heavy or thick like most brands. It is perfect to apply before lipsticks or lip stains. Lastly I like the way it is packaged, very easy to twist up and down. If you are even curious about this Nivea lip care, you should definitely give it a try and you will not be disappointed.

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  • AlexandraHunter By  AlexandraHunter    

    My lips are always so dry and chapped and Niveas a Koss Of Smoothness gives my lips the nice soft texture that they should be. Love this.

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  • CakePop By  CakePop    

    Nivea is on their game.

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