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It's an okay lip balm, it's much better than regular chapstick. I like the different scents and I do have this in my travel makeup bag. I don't think I'll necessarily repurchase this, but it's not awful. It doesn't keep my lips moisturized as long as some of my other lip balms that are just as cheap.

Love that I don't have to reapply as often to keep my lips moisturized

Love Nivea chapstick, they are so affordable too on sale with the $3 off coupon off two. All time favorite, I recommend a she speaks test for sure!

Solid and reliable, this is a good everyday lip balm.

Always a good find. The price is great and it does leave your lips feeling softer.

Great for the price. Love the honey

I absolutely love this product! It is smooth and refreshing for my lips and lasts a long time. The smell is amazing!

I absolutely love all Nivea's lip care flavors. This one is one of my favorites because it is so smooth and the smell is amazing. This is great for anyone who just wants to keep their lips moisturized or for cold weather that makes your lips chapped.

Smells amazing and is quite moisturizing, but I wouldn't say it has any long-lasting benefits. This is just something to slap on when your lips feel dry. It doesn't make them better over time.

Smooth, but does not actually heal lips.

Nivea lip care is so soft on the lips and moisturizes them in a way that doesn't provide a "sticky" feel. When rubbed onto the lips, it feels as though the lip care is being soaked into the skin and, in turn, creates a smooth touch and feel.

I love all of Nivea's lip balms and this one is no exception! It is easy to use, and the scent is not overpowering but still "there." This is a thicker balm than "Kiss of Smoothness," but it does not go on as smoothly. However, the heavier texture does suggest that there is Actually some honey in it :) Be sure to try it, it will not disappoint!

This month I received this product in one of my beauty box subscriptions. It came in handy when I did my first lip scrub and needed a deep moisturizing on my lips! It smells good but scent is light. It made my lips soft and stayed on a long time. I recommend trying it.

This item was included in my October 2013 favorites video on YouTube: ... I have been using this lip balm for about a year now. It makes my lips very smooth. I love how it is a thicker balm than the "Nivea Kiss of Smoothness." It better protects my lips in the harsh, cold weather. Oh, and it smells amazing!