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  • SophiaG By  SophiaG    

    Love Playing

    Love playing with my kids and grandkids!! All Wii games are more interactive than your basic games on other gaming systems.

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  • grazz5 By  grazz5    

    Who doesn't love Mario Bros.

    This is one of my favorite games. I was so excited to share it with my boys when they started to play video games. It is one of the only games we all enjoy playing together.

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  • mmaustin2008 By  mmaustin2008    

    I love this game. My Children and I love to play it together. I like how you can play more than 2 players.

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  • Singlemamaof3crazzyboys By  Singlemamaof3crazzyboys    

    Must try!

    This game brings back some childhood memories but with better graphics and gameplay! Super Mario brothers did it again with an amazing game.

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  • Briemo By  Briemo    

    Nintendo Wii makes for loads of fun

    Nintendo came out with another amazing Mario game. It has a lot of new features, and plays smoothly.

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  • Flarelady By  Flarelady    

    New Super Mario Bros. is awesome

    My sons and I love this game. We play it all the time. Reminds me of the old mario game from nintendo but a lot better.

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  • DaniDreamGirl By  DaniDreamGirl    

    Love this game. The entire family loves this game. We all get together to play it every other weekend.

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  • Shae3686 By  Shae3686    

    Great game ! Best ever ! Would highly recommend it !

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  • Shellybean126 By  Shellybean126    

    Love this game!!! It really takes me back to my childhood.

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  • acirennyl By  acirennyl    

    I play this game regularly with my 11 year old son. Being able to share something that was important to my childhood (albeit with much better graphics) is something we have bonded over with this game. This game even got my son interested in the original NES system and the Super Mario Bros. We have a great time playing.

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  • Kellil1980 By  Kellil1980    

    My family really loves this game... I have a 14, 11, and 6 year old and they all love to play it!

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  • yogiandbooboo By  yogiandbooboo    

    This is a great family or single person game to play. It's pretty easy, and it has secret areas in each level. Some of these unlock shortcuts to different worlds. It is challenging, but fun to play. The player can switch back and forth between worlds as well. It is so much more improved from the original game with more mini-games that are different and much better graphics.

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  • amberannihilate By  amberannihilate    

    I'm 25 years old and I love this game. I don't really play video games by myself but when I have friends come over we loves to have a couple drinks and play Wii. Mario is fun because you can play with multiple players, and its way more entertaining then the generic Wii sports games. Its also easy enough that if my nieces or nephews come over its fun for them too!

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  • shannonmdavis72912 By  shannonmdavis72912    

    This is by far my favorite family video game to play! My kids beg me to play with them, and I'm happy to.

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  • Ruby95 By  Ruby95    

    Awesome game. Love playing with others and beat the game!

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