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  • kellithrasher1 By  kellithrasher1    

    Tons of fun with the kids and even adults!

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  • cjsamson655 By  cjsamson655    

    We love the game choices on the Wii Game Party. Fun for everyone.

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  • AishaWaseem By  AishaWaseem    

    This is most involving game and its full of fun

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  • katgreene22 By  katgreene22    

    This is great for company !!

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  • jkwiatkowski By  jkwiatkowski    

    My daughter and her friends love playing this game! they have so much fun and I enjoy watching them. this is a must have for all families!

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  • Daffythed By  Daffythed    

    this game is so much fun and a party starter

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  • MizzMonic By  MizzMonic    

    We love this game and have worn it out!!! LOL. Whenever we play the Wii this in one of the first games we play as a family.

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  • rmurray By  rmurray    

    My boys love this game, they love that there are a lot of different games to choose from and they love playing along with us. This is game is great for everyone.

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  • GoldenDelicious By  GoldenDelicious    

    I work in a retail environment and have sold this game frequently. It is usually exactly what customers are looking for: a relatively cheap game with lots of choices in activities that is fun and entertaining.

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  • julie_christie By  julie_christie    

    This is a great game for the family, party, or get together. You have so many games to chose from. And i just love that it keeps you up and moving its not like some where you just sit around getting finger exercise. The wii was a great invention and this game just adds to it. Fun for all ages and highly recommended!

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  • Melbabe By  Melbabe    

    My four little brothers could play this game for days.

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  • MomaNikki82 By  MomaNikki82    

    The Game Party for Wii is a lot of family fun! Darts, Air hockey, Pong, SkeeBall, etc.. Our family enjoys getting together and playing these games together. I just wished there were more included in the game. Graphics are ok. You get to pick your charactor. My fav at Christmas was Santa Claus! LoL.. Can't beat playing darts as Santa! LoL.. Over all this is a great game for all ages to enjoy. And was bought at an awesome price!

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