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  • Sa60237 By  Sa60237    

    Amazing item! I'm a fan of all things Nintendo and its very easy to use! great product

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  • Majestas By  Majestas    

    Fun and Entertaining

    Great handheld gaming system! There are so many different games for every age and interest. New and used games are easily available. Like the previous Nintendo handheld gaming systems, the 3DS is backwards compatible with the previous generations of DS.

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  • cjank13 By  cjank13    

    Great game system with some unnecessary effects

    Another great game system from Nintendo with a lot of really fun titles! I love the fact that it comes in so many different colors/styles and that it has a built-in stylus. I agree with some of the other reviewers though that the 3D effects are pretty unnecessary in most cases. I actually often play with 3D off in order to improve battery life.

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  • hamiltongal7 By  hamiltongal7    

    Pretty Good!

    I've owned multiple DS products, but I really enjoyed this one the most. Love playing pokémon on it, but the 3D factor is underwhelming.

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  • JunieB546 By  JunieB546    

    I love everything about this portable game system! I purchased for my daughter and she is able to understand this system better than me. I like the switch by the screen that can easily turn screen into 3D, and the battery life on this has lasted enough time to keep the peace of running errands and having my daughter occupied.

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  • laurlaur04 By  laurlaur04    

    My daughter loves her 3DS! I have to admit I enjoy playing it myself! Great graphics, great game selection!

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  • Zoraiya By  Zoraiya    

    It's not a big deal. I played Kingdom Hearts Dreamdrop Distance on this and only used the 3D portion for the CGI cutscenes. To get the 3D mode to fascinate you, you have to use the 3DS at the proper angle at all times. I prefer being comfy while playing as opposed to watching mediocre 3D sequences on a tiny screen. I'd only recommend to children and get more games geared for them

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  • musicpixie By  musicpixie    

    I'm usually playing pokemon on my 3DS. It has a pretty good charge and it'll often have battery even if I've forgotten to shut it off after a day. The 3D will sometimes hurt your eyes if you don't have it at the proper angle though.

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  • Doffhaus89 By  Doffhaus89    

    I'm a fan of all things Nintendo and if I can take it on the go that's even better! You can play this hand held pretty much anywhere!

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  • JodiBlonde By  JodiBlonde    

    Amazing item! Very easy to use & fun! My 5 year old nephew loves it, my husband loves it, & I enjoy playing too!

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  • Bsousie94 By  Bsousie94    

    Love Nintendo 3DS!

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  • noodlesoups By  noodlesoups    

    I love my 3DS I do, but the 3D just isn't what I expected it to be. Of course right after I bought the 3DS, a little late, they released the 3DSXL which is a lot better. The cards that come with it to play interactive games in 3D are better than most games in my opinion. Get the bigger one you won't be let down.

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  • sassy19 By  sassy19    

    i love this keeps my grandson busy while in the car or a waitng room helps him learn to interact with games he has lots of fun with this bought this for him for his birthday

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  • Lv2Read By  Lv2Read    

    My son has a 3DS and loves it. He really likes the camera, & the Wi-Fi capabilities. I can't stand to look at it in 3d mode for more than a few minutes. I'm very glad that he can turn the 3d off and on when he wants. I also wish the battery life was longer.

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  • kuzmamom By  kuzmamom    

    My son loves his DS3D. I cant see it well with the 3D on so its nice to can turn that feature off. All that matters is that he like it. and takes it everywere

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