Nikon Coolpix

Nikon Coolpix

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I don't know if my camera was defective or what but sometimes the pictures would be very spotty especially if I was trying to capture that "moment" I got rid of mine.

captured very important pix with this camera. the quality is superb

I bought this because I got it for a decent deal, but a year later and it's unuseable. There's something wrong with the lens and it won't even turn on now. It was a good camera while it worked, but honestly not that great at action shots...and when you have children, it's all action shots!

I have coolpix L20 and I love it and recommend it to anyone.

I have a coolpix I love it the screen is big enough for me to see without my glasses. I really like the touch screen.

Tiny and efficient.

Takes great dark pictures!!

I love the convenience and ease of use of this camera. I bought it because it will fit in my pocket :-) but it does not take good photos! In flourescent lighting the images are always a little reddish and overall they are grainier and more blurry than with my Kodak or Canon. I still use it for the convenience, but for important events I take another camera.

I love my Coolpix 4000 I love the touch screen and how you can do Absolutely anything to your pics!!!! It makes anyone look like they are a real photographer I recommend this to everyone!!!!

i have this coolpix camera and it is so great. I take excellant pictures with it.

i have a kodax but this looks liks a good camera!

A friend of mine has one and i love it!! The picture is amazing. I want to get myself one too

This camera got me hooked on Coolpix. Actually the comercial with Ashton was the first thing that grabbed me, but after I used one I was a huge fan. I can't believe how easy it is to use, how great the shots are and how light it is. Mine is an older version but its one that I will pass on to my kids when I can get a newer version. I used to be an avid Kodak fan, now I am all Nikon =)

I have a coolpix S570 and would reccomend it to anyone - - I have a SLR camera and happy with it, but as far as convenience and quality - the Nikon Coolpix ROCKS!!!

i have one i love it