Nicole Baart Far From Here

Nicole Baart Far From Here

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Far From Here by Nicole Baart is written like a classic author returned from the dead. It is not a book to read quickly. It is so well penned that each word must be savored like a fine wine. I would read a sentence and often have to reread it to make sure I grasped the entire meaning. Ms.Baart writes from her heart. This book is so full of emotion that I was gasping out loud. I believe any author that can stir a reader's emotions with their words is a genius. I was never sure how I wanted to feel as I read or what I wanted the outcome to be. When I taught writing, I always told my students a great author grabs the reader's attention in the first paragraph and continues to keep the reader on an emotional roller coaster so they will want to keep turning the pages. A good author keeps the reader's attention until the end of the book, a great author makes the reader want more after the last sentence is read. Ms. Baart is a great writer. She grab from the first paragraph with the hint of the forthcoming tragedy,and after the last sentence was read I was so sad. I wanted more. It ended too soon. I enjoyed the emotional roller coaster I was taken on and all the emotions that were stirred in me. Reading groups will devour all the topics to be discussed---dreams, love, loss, relationships of all kinds,truth,secrets,hope,grief,and above all survival. I recommend this book highly when you have a lot of time to devote to the beauty of the writing as well as the story itself. This is not a quick read. It is far too beautifully written for that.