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  • Sdyer13 By  Sdyer13    

    This was a great mystery show for children and adults alike without being too scary or gory.

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  • Danielle0312 By  Danielle0312    

    My daughter who is 5 loves watching this show with me. It gives us something to watch together that is not cartoons,and makes her feel like a big kid, lol... It really is a great show with good storylines.

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  • goaliemom By  goaliemom    

    My children (11, 7, & 6) and I enjoy Nicks House of Anubis. It sparks creativity as well as problen solving skills. My 7 year old has been researching Egyption mythology since he began watching. We sit down and watch it together. It is a shame that it is only 30 minutes long because the show goes too fast. The kids are always disappointed when it ends.

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